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Your Questions About Google Maps

December 10, 2012

Paul asks…

What’s the fastest way to compile links from Google Maps?

I have a list of addresses that I put up on my website.
I want to add links to a Google Map based on each different address.

I can paste each address into Google Maps and generate a link, but I have about 100 addresses. Is there a faster way to do this?

Administrator answers:

I think google base will provide you with a feed to upload all your locations. Just do a search for google base

Ken asks…

When I go to type stuff on google maps, my social security and personal info appears?

Okay so on google maps on my android tablet I press the search bar and then my social security and stuff I’ve kept on my gmail shows up. How do I make it so that stuff doesn’t appear?

Administrator answers:

Are you serious? Hahaha that is actually very serious !
I don’t want to scare you or anything,but it only takes 10 minutes to write an Android spyware that enters your Gmail and steals all the UN-ENCRYPTED info…such as your SSN number e.t.c.
To make that info dissapear permanently,I would IMMEDIETLY do 2 things
1) Go to your Google account from a regular computer and erase the SSN number and other info.
2)Restore the tablet to factory condition (Menu>Settings>Privacy>Restore to Factory Settings) and never again give Google your SSN.

Because tablets are relatively new technology. Programmers haven’t been able to “play” with it for a long enough to learn its weak areas.

Robert asks…

How to find my location & offline map in google maps?

I recently updated Google maps on my Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos phone on 17th Aug, 2012. Since then I am unable to find the ‘my location’ tab and the option to get to my offline stored maps. I’ve searched all the settings and options. Kindly help.

Administrator answers:

There is big Dot icon on the top right side corner of the screen … Tap on that it will search for your location
Enable precache map are in Labs and save map tiles in ur device for offline

Jenny asks…

How to save google maps on phone?

I have a Samsung B7330 phone with Windows mobile 6.5. I have Google maps installed and the maps are downloading only if I am connected to the internet. How and where can I download and save the maps that I need to my phone, so that my phone wont need to connect to the internet anymore?

Administrator answers:

Save ‘em on Phone via downloading that app for that device….

Good luck!

Chris asks…

How do you get your pictures on google maps?

I have a great picture of a full spectrum rainbow taken near my house with the town water tower in the background. I would love to post it on google maps, but I don’t see anything on the website saying that the average joe can do that. Does anyone know who I can contact about this, or if they’d even allow it?

Administrator answers:

Contact google maybe

Betty asks…

How can I use Google Maps to plot out the summer road trip route I took?

I took a road trip this summer. I would like to use Google Maps (or some other map tool) to make a map that shows the route we took and all of the destinations we had.

Level up: Is there a way that I can associate my photos with the destinations on the map? (example: Hover over London and see thumbnail pics in my Picassa web album)

Administrator answers:

I think this link will help you.


Just visit it and check some travel blog, whether it suits your needs.

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