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Your Questions About Google Scholar

February 27, 2013

Michael asks…

I need a good place to find a artical for school?

I have to do a “artical analysis” paper on Ron Paul. I cannot find any articals on Ron Paul that are at least 2 pages long. I have tried Google Scholar and a couple other sites, I am just bad at finding credible sources anyways so can anyone help?

Administrator answers:

Hi Nikki,
There are many ways in which to get articles for your paper, but it all depends on what type of article you need for your paper.
If you need newspaper articles, I would recommend looking through some newspaper websites. I found two examples of Ron Paul newspaper pages.
Here is a link the New York Times’ Ron Paul home page if you need news articles. It includes recent freely accessible articles about Ron Paul from the NYT as well as some other sources:
Similarly here is the Wall Street Journal’s Ron Paul page with recent freely accessible articles from Wall Street Journal:
If you didn’t find any articles on these pages that you like, you can also go to your favorite newspaper’s website and see if they have a similar Ron Paul page with links to articles.

If you need scholarly articles, I would suggest doing some searches on the following journal websites:

You also might want to speak to your school librarian, the library might have access to several pay news/journal databases that have articles for you to use.
Hope this was helpful
Tess (future librarian)

Sharon asks…

Where is the scientific source that compares human vs banana DNA?

i keep hearing this being raised as an argument from creationist side, where they claim the genomic similarity is as high as 40%. But when i go on Google scholar, i can’t find such article saying human and banana sharing a high similarity of DNA. Where’s the actual source?

btw i’m looking for actual scientific articles, not some laymen website.

Administrator answers:

Since Creationists don’t get their conclusions from scientific sources, you won’t find one.

40% doesn’t sound too crazy. I bet all of our basic housekeeping genes are the same; genes like Krebs cycle, DNA polymerase, stuff like that that every organism needs.

And the term “similarity” is a lot weaker than “identity”. “Similarity” just means that you compare the two side by side, there are long stretches that match up fairly well, not necessarily perfectly. We are both eukaryotes, after all.

You could grab the human genome from, but I’m not sure where to find the banana genome

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