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Your Questions About Google Scholar

March 14, 2013

Susan asks…

Where can I find resources and articles about impacts of hurrican katrina?

Please, I really need your help =[
My teacher forced me to change my topic. So, I choosed effects of hurricane katrina. Health, economic, or ecology. any of those impacts. Please help. If you know a link of an article or ebook about this topic, it will help a lot.
And btw, wikipedia is not allowed as a source. Only, google scholar, or famous important sites like natgeo or times.
Please help.

Administrator answers:

‘The Shock Doctrine’…The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism…written by Naomi Klein will give you insights .

George asks…

Scholarly sources on thr treatment of gays under Sharia Law?

I am writing a paper on the views of homosexuality in countries living under Sharia Law. I am needing to find some scholarly sources that state exactly what sharia law says on the subject and the punishment that is received for it. I have used Google Scholar and Proquest on my college’s website and I have found some articles but nothing that contains exactly what I am looking for. Anyone know where I may find this info? Again, they must be scholarly sources.

Administrator answers:

I am sure that under Sharia Law homosexuality is punishable by death.
Sharia Law is disgusting!

Thomas asks…

Need research article stating psychologists are unnecessary in schizophrenia?

I am in need of an article supporting the following statement:
“The role of psychologists in treating schizophrenia is neglectable.”
I need this because I have to partake in a discussion and because everyone will automatically be against this statement.

Oh yeah, and the article has to be 10 years old or less!

I hope someone can help me here. I’ve been searching all over web of science, psychinfo and google scholar but failed to find what I need.

Administrator answers:

most of these teams in the uk dont include psychologists post laing ways of treatment

Ken asks…

Where can I download scientific papers and journals for free?

Other than searching Google Scholar
Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

You can get a surprising amount for free these days. Even copyright-jealous journals like nature and Science give free downloads of abstracts, and full texts of items of topical interest (eg nature’s special collection on evolution last year). And there are some high quality free research journals. So go to the journal web site and try.

Then there are free web journals like sciencedaily

If you are a university student, you can probably download all the major journals free these days through your library. Check it out.

Mandy asks…

Where can I download scientific papers and journals for free?

Other than searching Google Scholar
Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

If you are in any educational institute, just contact your library have subscriptions for various libraries otherwise your friends in universities.

On the web too you can get the articles of journals, for free in some journals and by paying some $s

this site gives many journals for free

Sandy asks…

I need a Scientific journal source for the San Francisco Garter Snake?

Scientific name
Thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia

I need a scientific journal source and a second scientific source.
I DO NOT WANT THE OONE FROM 1951. THAT DOES NOT COUNT. Also do not tell me “search Google Scholar” I already did that. I want actual results.
It must be the sub species. And they have to be about the subspecies

Administrator answers:

I searched Google Scholar for “Thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia” and came-up with 138 results, of which dozens were available on-line. Do you need more than that?

Mary asks…

Which free bibliography managers do you recommend?

Preferred – web-based, can collect references from many sources including google scholar and has a citing capability.

Administrator answers:

You can try any of these websites – Zotero, WizFolio and Mendeley.

Zotero is not bad but it’s a desktop based.

Mendeley has both web and desktop based versions. However I havent tried it yet.

WizFolio is not too bad, it has some unique features like automatic locate PDF for your references.

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