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Your Questions About Google Scholar

April 13, 2013

George asks…

Need web sites & Need quotes for Writing a paper could use some help?

I have to write a paper on The Days of the Consuls,by Ivo Andric. It is a a conflict within Bosnian between religion, and government. Now i need some scholarly quotes, and i have my looking at Google scholar, and i cant find anything. even if u can just know a link that has summaries which links to reference would be nice. does any one know some websites that could help?

Administrator answers:

Original title of the novel is “Travni?ka hronika” (Chronicles of Travnik) and it has been translated in English as “The Days of the Consuls”, “Bosnian Chronicle” or “Bosnian Story”.

Jeane Daville is French consul, Parisian of delicate nature and poetic feeling about the world, coming from enlightened Europe into the small Bosnian town Travnik, the seat of Bosnia’s viziers at the time (visiers were governors of Ottoman provinces). It was also author’s hometown btw. There representatives of the great European empires have come to play out their epochal hostilities under the suspicious eyes of the local townfolk.
Trying to strengthen French influence in the Ottoman Empire, Daville manages to understand all the special features and gloomy character of Bosnian province, but gradually becomes himself part of the eternal melancholy and demagogic politics of the Ottoman Empire.

Novel mimics the narrative discourse of chronicles (thus its title), and covers the historical period from the arrival of French and Austrian consuls to vizier in Travnik in 1807 to their departure after the fall of Napoleon in 1814. In terms of a genre, the novel follows both tradition of realistic historical novels and modern historiographical fiction. It is a story about Bosnia, its cultural diversity, the diversity of human nature, nations and religions that build a rich cultural world, shaped and determined by historical changes. Relationship between history and individual and collective subjectivity is the central theme of this novel as well as a whole author’s prose opus.

Curious thing is that Andric wrote the book during WW2, rarely leaving his apartment in Nazi-occupied Belgrade. And he who wrote this portrayal of civilised diplomats immersed in a barbarous violent culture was, until the collapse under German invasion, an ambassador of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia – in Berlin.

I’m aware this is probably not the answer you were looking for but I didn’t find many scholar’s works on this in English so far. I’ll keep searching. In the meantime, I starred your question hoping that somebody will provide us with good links on the subject.

James asks…

what does the journal mean in my homework?

Hi guys, I am doing a homework assignment.
It says go to google scholar, search for keyword histology and then
“enter the title of the paper, journal, and keywords”

I understand the title and keywords. But what’s the journal?
what does it want me to write for the journal part?

I think journal means diary but that doesn’t make sense here.
English is my 2nd language so I need help understanding what journal it wants me to write.

Administrator answers:

A journal basically means a research paper or experiment

Carol asks…

What are the legal consequences for “blockbusting” in real estate?

Please be sure to link to sources from .edu , .gov, or google scholar sights only.

Administrator answers:

I thought that was a video rental place!

Lizzie asks…

How do you read full articles?

on Google Scholar? I need to find and read an article but all the ones I find, its just the citation information and never the actual article. HELP PLEASE!
I have the same problem on my school’s library website.

Administrator answers:

Usually you have to have a subscription to the journal, which can be pretty expensive. You are better off searching in databases that your school subscribes to.

Daniel asks…

Academic journal article on sex trafficking?

I’m looking for an academic journal article on sex trafficking that I can access online for free. A full article, not just an abstract. Preferably before 2000. I’ve tried google scholar but many of the articles are either full books or I need to buy. Any help would be appreciated!


Administrator answers:

– Globalized, Wired, Sex Trafficking In Women And Children ———- For excellent links go to Q Web, and for exhaustive resources and papers go to Women’s Human Rights Resources at; ———– International Human Trafficking Research ————— The ‘Natasha’ Trade: The Transnational Shadow Market of Trafficking in Women,”. Journal of International Affairs, 53(2) (Spring 2000). … Http:// —————— Sex trafficking in South Asia ——— Articles on SEX TRAFFICKING News Wire or Magazine —– Sex trafficking in Iriswomen confirmed

Lisa asks…

Are micro expressions culturally dependent or not?

I am writing a research paper in one of my classes and I am arguing that micro expressions can be used as an aid in police investigations. I am done with arguing for my thesis and I am looking for something that negates it so I can include an opposing point. I have tried searching Google scholar and other sources but was unsuccessful. If anyone knows of any peer reviewed sources please let me know so I can go read them and finish my paper. Thank you in advance.

Administrator answers:

Hi, have yo tried considering sceptics opinion on the value of micro expressions in police investigations? Skeptics say that no tech-based system will work.
To support this you can use example from The Ekman Group, which has trained TSA staffers on techniques to help them recognize and interpret microexpressions. However sceptics don’t think the technique can be automated. The discipline is a social science and microexpressions merely represent clues to truthfulness that require human interpretation and human interpretation can always be wrong.
The challenge is optimizing the algorithms that relate those expressions to deception. To do that, he needs more data from psychologists. The theories linking microexpressions to deception are largely based on academic research. Although it has been tested in lab settings, it has not been scientifically proved in large-scale, real-world studies. Rules must also be applied in the correct context. For example, a measurement of something like a microexpression must be associated with what was being said at the time, and the meaning of what was said must be correctly interpreted.
I hope this gives you a useful direction. Good luck!

Ken asks…

Is there a website that can hard to read texts into “dumb speak”?

I have to use Google Scholar to find articles and then describe them and I always have to ask other people to translate it for me. Is there a site that will do this for me?

Administrator answers:


at this site you can type in just a word if thats what you dont know or you can type in the whole text message and it will translate it for you.

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