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Your Questions About Google Translate

December 24, 2012

James asks…

Can Google Translate be depended upon to reliably translate the nuances of Religious Irony?

“It depends on the order to be able to translate Google, to translate the nuances of irony religious reliably?”


Administrator answers:

Google translate recognizes what humans have wrote. So if the humans wrote it, yes

David asks…

What is the German word for the radiator of a car? (Please don’t use Google Translate)?

As in the big radiator at the front of the car, which cools the engine.

Please don’t use google translate or some other online translation programme.


Administrator answers:

Yes, it’s ‘Kühler’, if you pronounce it in English you basically have the meaning.
For once Google Translator is correct too lol.

Ruth asks…

how many languages can be translated by a computer, through a free web service?

I know that Google Translate offers automated translation between 64 world languages… what are the next languages to be included ? Could it be possible one day soon that all 6000 remaining world languages could be a part of the same access to public information?

Administrator answers:

From what I have heard, Google is not adding any more languages to its Translation services. They are going to work on improving the ones they already have, to make it more accurate.

Person below – Or as they would say in Hungarian
Azt hiszem te vagy zavaró köpködni arra képtelenség a fordítás. Google Translate kiköpi képtelenség a 64 nyelven, így azt hiszem, nincs oka annak, hogy miért nem kiköp képtelenség a 6000 nyelven

Donald asks…

How would you translate these sentences English to Spanish?

Preferably from a fluent speaker rather than Google Translate.

1. Apply water around the edge of the wrapper.
2. Press opposite corners together.
3. Scrunch the corners together.

Administrator answers:

1. Aplica agua alrededor de la orilla del papel.
2. Presiona esquinas opuestas juntas.
3. Aplasta las esquinas juntas.

Maria asks…

How to translate “beautiful game” into various languages?

I’m looking to translate the phrase “beautiful game” (referring to soccer) into various languages for an artistic project. For example, I would like it in Spanish, Portugese, German, French, Italian, Japanese, etc. I don’t want to rely on Google Translate because I want it to be a 100% accurate translation. How can I get this done?

Administrator answers:

For a phrase this small, Google Translate would be accurate. I know that in spanish “beautiful game” is los juego hermosa. In Mandarin Chinese it’s ?????, and you would say m?ilì de yóuxì (may-lee die yo-shee).

Daniel asks…

Where can I get something translated into Latin from English?

I don’t trust Google Translate, so I would like to know where else I can get a translation.

Administrator answers:

It’s impossible to get something translated well with an online translator. Google Translate is one of the best (along with Yahoo Babelfish.) If you are serious about giving a good translation for Latin try inputting your text in, it gives you translations for every word. Then you can put the grammar together. In addition, if you are only looking for a word translation try William Whitaker’s Words (google it). It is the best of all online dictionaries and has many options for word meanings. If it is just a one time translation you need feel free to message me.

Lisa asks…

What is a good site to translate Arabic writing to English?

I would like for it to be free and I have already tried google translate and it seems to not pick up on a lot of words.

Thank you.

Administrator answers:

As they said there’s golden Al Wafi translator and there’s Babylon .. But they both just like google they will never give you the result that you hope .. Arabic is complicated

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