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Your Questions About Google Translate

January 31, 2013

George asks…

Can anyone translate the following words from English to French?

I have a French assignment, and i have to translate the following words: (please not from Google translate)
i would really appreciate it, and if the one who translates it knows French, it would be better.
By the way, that not the assignment, just part of it.

Administrator answers:

Mountain = montagne (f.)
horse = cheval (m.)
rocks = rocs (m.) / roches (f.)
sword = épée (f.) / sabre / glaive (m.)
crown = couronne (f.)
pan = casserole / cuvette (f.) [frying-pan: poêle (m.)

Sharon asks…

Can a Chinese Native speaker translate this into Chinese please?

Can someone please translate this correctly. Do not use Google Translate or any other Translator online or Offline. I need a native speaker to translate this.
This is going to be sent to a Cantonese:

This is the Ds-230 form. It will not let you save anything you type into the form. Please only type information in and print it right away or else you cannot open the information another time.


Administrator answers:


This is entirely in Cantonese, but a Mandarin speaker should be able to make sense of out most of it too.

Lizzie asks…

Can any fluent speakers of German please translate from English to German for me?

Although of much help with loanwords, Google Translate or other online Translation devices aren’t of much help:

The text for translation:

“What are your opinions on Germany being the largest contributor in the prevention of the Eurozone crisis?”

I would be extremely grateful, thank you.

As-Salamu Alaykum.

Administrator answers:

Formal speech?

Wie ist Ihre Meinung dazu, dass Deutschland den größten Beitrag zur Verhinderung der Krise in der Euro-Zone geleistet hat?

Paul asks…

Is there anyone who is italian that can translate this quote please?

“Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away” …i would like this quote translated into italian as i am planning on getting this tattooed onto my back. Google translate is unreliable, so is there any italian’s out there to help me?

Administrator answers:

Hello, i’m italian!

The correctil traduction is:

“la vita non si misura da ogni respiro che facciamo, ma dai momenti che ci tolgono il fiato.”

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