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Your Questions About Google Translate

February 10, 2013

Mandy asks…

How do you say “Love is Forever” in Swahili? Or at least a good translating site for it?

I don’t really trust Google Translate, and this is for a project too. So does anyone know how to use “Love is forever” in Swahili, or know of a really good free translating site?

Administrator answers:

Upendo ni milele

Thomas asks…

Is there a website that translates english into russian using the english alphabet?

Google translate and such translates it but uses the russian alphabet but I need how it would sound/look using the english alphabet. Help!!!!!
google uses the russian alphabet…^
Thank you!!! I got it now.

Administrator answers:

Google “Russian Alphabet” (cyrillic) and there are programs to show you how to change Russian letters phonetically into English.

Richard asks…

Can someone help translate a korean comment into English?

What does this mean?

????? ???? ??????????? ???~~ ??? ????? ?,,, ???? ?????????? ?????? ???????

I’m trying to help make an android app better, but need to understand all the comments. Google translate doesn’t give me a good answer. Something about a lunar calendar is all I know and it’s free.
Thank you so much!

Administrator answers:

It’s a pretty calendar keke the only free one is the design with the chair on it~~ It doesnt seem to have the lunar calendar, either,,, I think making notes and personal diary is available hehehe specifically speaking, i think its just a google calendar.

Daniel asks…

Why aren’t there videos with the Google Translate voice on YouTube?

This is a funny question to ask but Google Translate has a voice that reads out loud what you have translated. So I could type in any text and make it say anything I want. I expected there to be tons of videos on YouTube with funny things people make the voice say but I don’t see any. I’m pretty shocked. Why would this be?

Administrator answers:

Maybe some people have never heard of it? I have several friends who’ve never heard of it but then again they’re not on YT and theres probably billions of vids on Youtube so you’d suppose that one person would have one vid up wouldn’t you?

Donald asks…

How do you translate “From pain comes strength” to German?

Please do not go use Google Translate or another automated system as they are inaccurate and this is for a tattoo. Automated systems as such do not account for grammar. And please don’t guess at it or waste time with “I think it should be…” and the like because I just need a simple correct answer. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Von Schmerz kommt Stärke.
But there is also a German idiom. Was ihn nicht umbringt, macht den Indianer stark (What does not kill him, strengthens the Indian.)

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