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Your Questions About Google Translate

March 23, 2013

Maria asks…

How to translate this small paragraph into Italian?

I’d appreciate it if you just didn’t copy and paste from google translate, thanks!

I had to prepare the children’s meals/snacks, we were told to play with the children for most of the time. we also read to the children and did paintings with them. I have enjoyed this work experience. I did not like having to handle the children’s arguments because it was awkward. Talking to younger children is very hard.

Thanks for answering!

Administrator answers:

Dovevo preparare i pranzi e la colazione per i bambini, ci dissero di giocare con i bambini per la maggior parte del tempo. Leggevamo e facevamo anche della pittura con loro.Mi è piaciuta questa esperienza di lavoro. Non mi piaceva trattare le questioni dei bambini perché era imbarazzante. Parlare con i bambini più piccoli è molto difficile.

Robert asks…

Good translate sites for a book I am writing that is accurate?

Ok, my main character can speak French. But I personally do not speak French. What are some accurate translate sites? I’ve been told online that Google translate isn’t the best so, others please! Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

There are no machine translation programs that are perfect. If you are writing a book with the main character speaking French, it is best to have a translation company with human professional translators provide you with accurate translation into French. Here is a link to a really affordable translation agency Foreign Document Translation: Otherwise your main character might end up speaking incorrect French.

Mary asks…

Is the google translate audio pronunciation for turkish accurate?

Does anyone know if the audio pronunciation that google translate uses for turkish is accurate? I’m trying to say something sweet (and unexpected) to a turkish woman with no previous experience in the language, and that’s what I’ll be going off of. I don’t want to accidentally be saying it all completely wrong!

Note: when you click on the little speaker button for your translation it says it out loud.

Administrator answers:

Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t.

You should crosscheck with I tried it a few times (not for turkish) and it seems quite thorough.
For most words you can listen to *several* pronunciations

Richard asks…

What dialect of korean does google translate use?

I would like to learn korean (seoul dialect) because all the k-pop singers speak that and I want to understand and it seems interesting to learn. I was hoping that google translate uses the seoul dialect.

If google doesn’t use that dialect, are there any websites that i could use (for free) and teaches seoul dialect.

Thank you :)

Administrator answers:

“Seoul dialect” is standard Korean. Just like the US has standard English.
But anyways, don’t ever use google translator because it doesn’t make sense. I mean it works fine when you use it to translate French to English or something like that, but since sentence structures of English and Korean are very different, it’s better not to expect anything good from google translator. Please don’t use google translator unless the sentence is very short.

I’ve never seen a translator using dialects. They only use standard Korean. Youtube has Korean language videos you can watch. They all speak standard Korean.

And you know you can always ask questions here. :)

Thomas asks…

In some languages, does Google Translate translate the words in a formal way?

Hey guys, I was just asking because I wasn’t sure. I’ve been using Google Translate for the language that I’m trying to learn but what I wasn’t quite sure is was that do Google Translate translate the words in a formal way? Like some of the languages have like informal or formal way to make a conversation with someone that’s younger and older like Korean. I wasn’t quite sure so if you know could you please answer me? Please for the people who are not interested to answer me or who does not have a fact to tell me about this or just answering me for no reason or being a hater just please leave this question alone. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately Google Translate has many problems. It is fairly effective in translating singe as well as just a few words.
When it comes to sentences and paragraphs their translations leave much to be desired.
In terms of language they don’t have enough flexibility, so they limit themselves to formal language and are unable to deal with idiomatic expressions.
I would suggest after doing a translation from google you check it using Babylon. As far as informal conversation, another program called Urban Dict is an excellent source.
I have used all of the myself and recommend you do so as well.

Hope this helps

Helen asks…

what is the best alternative to Google translate?

I am using Google translate from a long time and now I am looking for good alternative to it.

If I used it for technical article it’s will start making jokes. The technical document become a comic or funny stuff if I do this.

but it’s work fine in context of lyrics. small small paragraph which is not too difficult are easier to get done on GT.

but I feel is this is not something good for students. I have told many time to stop using it. I found some other guys using which is perfect but I don’t know if I can do this for much more word..

OK, Finally I figure out GT is best for small kind of work and dictionary work fine for learning better.

I am looking for other alternative. Do someone know some better option to make me help on creating better vocabulary.

Administrator answers:

No machine translator will ever be perfect because “Language” is an inherently human capacity. Machine translators such as Google Translate are okay for private purposes- if you just want to know the general meaning of a text, but if you want a true, natural-sounding, quality translation, then you have to hire a human translator.

Betty asks…

How do you say “bird” and “bear” in French (please don’t tell me to use Google Translate)?

I tried using Google Translate already, but I’m unsure of how to say “bird” and “bear”. Please tell me :D

Administrator answers:

Bird is “oiseau” – pronounced: “wah-zoh”

“Bear” is “ours” – pronounced “oors” (be sure to make the “oo” sound like in “school”, even though it is before an r)

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