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Your Questions About Google Translate

April 10, 2013

Helen asks…

How do you translate “My Faith is in God” in latin?

I tried google translate and had this: Fides in Deum meum
I tried another translator and had this: meus fides est in Deus

I’m sure both are correct but if I’m not mistaken latin phrases have a certain order, I’m planning to get this as a tat, so I wanna make sure the grammar is correct.

Administrator answers:

Fides mea in Deo (est)

The est (is) would typically have not been included – Latin tended to omit forms of ‘to be’ when the meaning was readily understood.

Added: I noticed that you said “I’m sure both are correct…” Actually, if you have responses from two online translators, both are pobably wrong, and the two you have demonstrate that. They simply cannot handle Latin.

Linda asks…

Could an experienced German speaker please translate this for me?

Hi I just need this short paragraph translating for my GCSE Exam about healthy eating. Please don’t use Google Translate or other translators of dictionary’s just answer if you are an experienced German speaker.

I am not so fit…. I hardly ever participate in sports and spend too much time playing video games but because I eat healthily I am not overweight and my body is in good condition. It is very important to me to pass my exams because it is important to get a good job when you are older.

Administrator answers:

Ich bin nicht gerade fit…. Ich mache kaum Sport und verbringe viel zu viel Zeit mit Videospielen, aber da ich mich gesund ernähre bin ich nicht übergewichtig und körperlich bin ich in guter Verfassung. Es ist mir sehr wichtig, die Prüfungen zu bestehen; schließlich möchte ich später mal einen guten Job haben.

I tried to avoid the repetition of “important” in the last sentence because lolbadstyle, it loosely translates to “because I want to get a good job when I’m older.” now. I hope that’s okay.

Mark asks…

Native spanish speakers can you translate this for me please ?

(no google translate?

I love to spend time with my friends at their houses because it gives me a chance to spend quality time with them, and it allows us to have fun, without the worries of homework. It is also good, because my best friend does not go to my school.

Administrator answers:

Me encanta pasar tiempo en casa de mis amigos porque me da una oportunidad de pasar tiempo de calidad con ellos, y también de divertirnos, sin las preocupaciones de la tarea. También me gusta porque mi mejor amigo/amiga no va a la misma escuela que yo.

Betty asks…

What is it about the Thai language that makes it so hard to translate?

I have used Google translate to translate what I wanted to say to a Thai mechanic about my car. I printed out the translation but no one could make sense of it, That has happened on other occasions too

Administrator answers:

The problem is we use slang which will not translate the same from English to Thai. An example is if you try to translate boobs instead of breast, it just don’t work out.

I have done the same with my mechanic, and didn’t have much problem. But some words just don’t translate, try to keep it very simple.

Spanky my mechanic is that girl from Thailand Got Talent who does the boobs (oops) breast painting.

Sandy asks…

How can I accuratly translate into spanish?

I am writing a speech in spanish for my spanish 1 class. I really don’t trust my own abilities, and google translate tends to incorrectly conjugate verbs. Help?

Administrator answers:

You are smart not to trust online translators. I warn my students not to use them because I catch them every time. Keep in mind that your teacher is not expecting an error-free composition. The important thing is that YOU write it. When you’re finished, look carefully at noun/adjective and subject/verb agreement. Just do your best.

Chris asks…

Can someone translate these sentences into spanish?

I want the simplest way of saying it! Thanks!

This tie goes well with this checkered vest.
My vest costs 5 dollars
Yes, I like that tie.
My team won the basketball game.

No google translate please!! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Esta corbata combina con mi chaleco de cuadros.
Mi chaleco cuesta 5 (cinco) dólares.
Si, me gusta esa corbata.
Mi equipo ganó el juego de baloncesto.

Paul asks…

I need a good site where I can translate French to English?

It can’t be google translate. My french teacher hates google.
It for a report and you basically don’t learn anything in my french class. If i wanted to be criticized I would talk to other people.

Administrator answers:

There’s also BabelFish ( and Bing Translator ( But no online translator is going to be 100% accurate.

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