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Your Questions About Google Translate

May 21, 2013

Charles asks…

Where to get a google translate widget for my site?

I would like to embed a google translate widget on my site.

Administrator answers:

The first step is to go to the Google Translate tools page to grab the embed code. Follow the steps outlined on this page to customize your embed code. Once finished, copy the embed code.

Next, navigate to the Template Editor page. Open the template file where you want to add the Google Translate widget, and paste the code grabbed in Step 1. If you want your widget to appear on every page, you’ll to want to paste the embed code somewhere in your ‘theme’ template.

Save your template. You should now see the Google Translate widget in your store!

Joseph asks…

Is there any way to make Google Translate automatically come up on my browser?

I have Google Chrome and Firefox. I was wondering if I could fix the settings so that whenever I open Google Chrome, Google Translate is also opened in a different tab. Firefox does it (though it’s for ads and probably viruses) and I didn’t want to mess up my chrome settings, so I figured I’d ask here first.

Administrator answers:

Yes and its very easy, here are the steps:
1. Launch google chrome and click the options icon in the top right (below the X button)
2. Select options
3. Look for the “on startup” section
4. Select “Open a specific set of web pages
5. Click “Set pages”
6. Type in the google translate URL (
7. Exit out of settings and close chrome
8. Relaunch and the google translate web page should appear

Hope this helped :)

James asks…

How do I translate Russian words written in Western characters?

I know there are a lot of products such as Google Translate that will convert a Russian phrase written in Cyrillic to English. For example, it’s easy to convert “???????” to “Thank you.” However, I run across a lot of Russian in chat rooms where the words are typed with Western characters. When a Russian word like “???????” is written as “Spasibo,” how do I translate it? Is there any online site that will perform this type of translation? Thanks in advance for any helpful answers.

Administrator answers:

I wouldn’t necessarily trust Google Translate but it’s better than nothing. One of the things it’s actually fairly good at is transcribing phoneticized Russian to Cyrillic. If you pick Russian as the input language, there’s a little pulldown menu in the lower left that gives you two choices of “Input Tool”. The first one says “Py Privet -> ??????” and the second one has a little picture of a keyboard and says “Russian”.

Just use the first one. As soon as you hit space or , your phoneticized Russian is replaced by Cyrillic.

Every once in awhile it will argue with me about some things, for instance sometimes it’s hard to convince it to use ? Instead of ?. But most of the time I get the Cyrillic I intended.

George asks…

Can Google Translate handle Arc de Triomphe?

1) Go to Google Translate.
2) Set source language to Polish, Hungarian, Slovenian or any other language.
3) Copy and paste Arc de Triomphe in the result box then translate it.
4) Look how it will get untranslated. The only example is the BF3 Comrades mission driving intro in French language. This example is native French.

Administrator answers:

Sounds french to me

Nancy asks…

How to translate the following into German?

I have been working in film/television/commercials production and advertising in NYC for years. Now I am living in Germany and have to translate my resume. Unfortunately a normal translator such as Google Translate does not really translate these types of things properly.

**And before I get yelled at… I just started my German B1 class, however the class does not cover these types of things as well. Any idea on how to translate the following:
•13 years experience working in film, television and commercial production in all major departments.
•Experienced working as an Associate Producer, Segment Producer and Field Producer.
•Skilled in supervising video edit sessions.
•Worked as Stage Manager, 2nd Stage Manager, 1st Assistant Director and 2nd Assistant Director.
•Qualified in Production Management, Coordinating and Production Research.
•Accomplished in working as an Audience Coordinator, Talent/Casting Coordinator and Locations Manager.
•Practiced in setting up and rigging basic lighting for ENG shoots and interviews.
•Fully trained in all administrative duties and procedures.
•Correspondence: Handling high phone and email volume, while managing interoffice and external correspondence.
•Experience working with the Creative Development Department.
•Mastered in Character Development and Design for both print and broadcast.
•Brand Management, Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Experience and Content.
•Schreiben: blogs, scripts, treatments, pitch books, copy and pre production books.
•Trained in pitching and developing stories, segments and pilots.
•Casting principal talent, background, contestants and audience.
•Practiced in conducting man-on-the-street, junket and red carpet interviews.
•Digitale Fotografie: commercial, fashion, travel, photojournalism, portrait and still (on sets).
•Photo editing, manipulation and retouching.
•Illustration: including print work, fashion and apparel design, children’s books, storyboards and on-air.
•Versed in set design, decorating and design trends.
•Working with Prop Department (purchasing, designing, building props, etc.)
•On-camera experience as talent.

PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS HELPFUL REPLIES. I try to help out others by answering questions nicely and hope people will do the same for me.

Administrator answers:

Normally I’d love to help you but there are so many words that are very hard to translate properly because it’s specialised vocabulary. Maybe you should get a professional translator for that. It’s just one page so it shouldn’t be too expensive and then you can be sure the text is correct.

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