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Your Questions About Google Translate

June 26, 2013

James asks…

Can someone translate this phrase from Spanish to English?

La salida de @bycritiKo cuestiones internas del club, le deseamos lo mejor fuera de AeQuus y en su futuro.

Note to the translator (do not translate this note): Make sure there are no language mistakes (do not use Google Translate or any other translator, you should use your own knowledge, and since this phrase has to be posted on Twitter, try not to exceed 140 characters (including spaces). Thanks a lot!

Administrator answers:

@bycritiKo’s departure was due to internal club issues, we wish him the best away from AeQuus and for times to come (future).


The departure of @bycritiKO was due to…

Spanish: Corrected version
La salida de @bycritiKo “fue causada por” cuestiones internas del club…..

Cuestiones= issues, problems

John asks…

What is the Polish word for the radiator of a car? (Please don’t use Google Translate)?

As in the big radiator at the front of the car, which cools the engine. I want to search for one on

Please don’t use google translate or some other online translation programme.


Administrator answers:

Radiator of car means :–> CH?ODNICA SAMOCHODOWA :) <–in polish
its a piece of equipment that is used for keeping an engine cool

link on allegro :

Sharon asks…

Can someone translate this Japanese text into english for me?


Please do not use google translate. I’ve already tried that myself.

Administrator answers:

I went to a movie with my ex-boyfriend, and got home just now.
He doesn’t want me to post his photo.

Daniel asks…

How to say guess what in russian. Formal and informal no google translate pleez thanx?


Kid: guess what
Kid2: what now
kid: nevermind
Thanx no google translate pleez

Administrator answers:

Informal – ??????, ??? ???/?????????, ??? ???
Formal – ????????, ??? ???/???????????, ??? ???

Laura asks…

Why isn’t Chinese Cantonese in Google Translate?

I am a Cantonese speaker, but there are a few words I don’t know how to say.
And I have no way of finding out how to say it.
Google Translate only has Mandarin Chinese.
Also, I don’t have any friends or nearby people who speak the language.

So, why isn’t Cantonese in Google Translate, and if you can, please provide me with a dictionary or resource or the Cantonese language.

Administrator answers:

The most reliable online Cantonese dictionary at the moment is here:

The main page there has lots of resources for you to learn or pick up on the Cantonese language, and if you want, you may even visit their forum of learners and experts alike. Many helpful people there.

As for why google translate doesn’t have Cantonese, it’s because many people believe that Cantonese does not have a written form and that all Cantonese speakers write in Mandarin. There are also many who thought Mandarin is the only language spoken by the Chinese, so “Chinese” is all they need to know. These are of course, entirely false. However part of the reason may also be due to the fact that Cantonese is not a recognized official language of China, but merely a dialect that isn’t important. Hong Kong is the only place on Earth that speaks Cantonese as an official language, and while it is historically an important part of the Chinese culture, you don’t get much out of learning to speaking Cantonese. The only people who can understand you are people from Hong Kong. There are even plenty other Chinese who would talk down Cantonese in favour of promoting Mandarin, so why would anyone offer Cantonese support, when even the Chinese don’t support their own Cantonese brothers?

There may be other reasons why Cantonese is unpopular over the internet, but this is the general gist of it.

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