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Your Questions About Google Translate

July 4, 2013

Richard asks…

How can I translate a PDF from 1860 into English?

I am a biologist and I need to get a species description from a book that was scanned and turned into a PDF.

The problem is, the PDF is scanned so the text is not transferable (i.e. copy & paste-able) from its current state. How can I translate this document? How can I make the PDF into a translatable document? I am typing it by hand into google translate and want to off myself. HALP.

Administrator answers:

I think that the full version of Adobe Acrobat can convert most scanned documents into a form that could be translated.

Helen asks…

What does this Korean word translate to?

??? (Ddongpari)

I know that it’s the Korean title of the movie Breathless, and when I type it into Google Translate, it says that it means breathless, but my mother (native speaker) just told me that it didn’t mean that at all. She has no idea why the English title of the movie is Breathless because she said that the direct translation is “Dung fly.”

Sigh. Can any native speakers clear the air? Is it just maybe a phrase my mother hasn’t heard about? Or does it have 2 meanings?

Administrator answers:

It’s because:

? Means Poop
?? Means fly

Together mean Dung-Fly or “blow Fly”

Sometimes when a Korean movie is brought over to US or subtitled, they change the name to something more appealing

They probably chose the term breathless because of some cultural significance of the Dung-fly. Though it might just be some kind of analogy to the main character. Like he’s scum or some lowly bug or something.


according to this review

Yeah it’s just some reference to the main character. I guess the subtitle company thought it’d be cute to make the name something more appealing.

I assume that Googe translate Translated it as “Breathless” because the movie is that first thing that comes up when you google that word.

Joseph asks…

Approximating the Canadian accent when using Google Translate?

I love using google translate, just because the program amuses me when it talks back to me. But, lately I’ve been attempting to use it to approximate Canadian pronunciations. What sentence do you think there would be the most distinct difference from American accents to Canadian ones and how would you approximate the Canadian pronounciation?

Administrator answers:

Try this:

When I go out in a boat, I like to fish for lobster. I think that lobster tastes pretty great, eh?

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