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Your Questions About Google Translate

July 9, 2013

Chris asks…

How to accurately translate this title into German?

I have a German assignment to do and I know the title in English but I would like someone (preferably who has German as their native language) to translate this title into accurate German for me:

“Is the rise of the internet the end for the German Music and film industry?”

I will accept translations with a very similar meaning. It is very important that it is translated 100% accurately so NO Google translate translations please, I would like a human one! Thanks :)

Administrator answers:

Der Internetboom: Das Ende für die deutsche Musik- und Filmindustrie?

Linda asks…

How would you translate The Beatles song ‘Blackbird’ into French?

How would you translate the song ‘Blackbird’ by The Beatles, into French, not using google translate.
This is for a tattoo so, how would you actually correctly translate it into french, not just using a basic web translator which is often not correct.

Administrator answers:

Blackbird is a kind of bird and in French it is: le merle (the male is black)

Jenny asks…

How do I add voices from google translate to a video?

I see videos on YouTube and they have the voices from google translate on them, does anyone know how I record these and add then to a video? (on iMovie)

Administrator answers:

Hi Jess :)

you can do it easily by typing Now add anything after that with brackets like “hi” , “hello” .

And save it as normal web page , but it will be saved as a mp3 . Play it , listen & enjoy :)

John asks…

How to translate the following into Russian: “Hits too close to home”?

I am not looking for a word for word translation – Google Translate can handle that. I am looking for the translation of the idiom, of the meaning.

Here is the context. This Youtube video hits too close to home. It’s uncanny how they replicated our marriage.

Or another context: The Boston Marathon bombing hits too close to home.


Administrator answers:

??????? ? ????? ?????, ?? ? ?????, ? ? ????

Robert asks…

Why does Good night in Cantonese translate into early shaking?


Hope you are well.

What’s the logic? At least that’s what Google translate says although there is a number of translations for ? .

Thank you.

Administrator answers:

It should be ??, but people write the ‘shake’character because they lack Cantonese font.
? Means ‘to rest’ in Cantonese.

Donald asks…

Why do people think you could actually translate with Google translate?

We have many questions here where people ask for a short translation. ‘Use’ is always at least twice amongst the answers. It’s true that machine translation can help to grasp the meaning of a sentence – it even happens once in a while that a one-liner is translated in an acceptable quality. However, you can almost never use an automatic translation in a homework or a letter or something.

Trying to help with reference to Google translate is certainly nicely meant but it’s completely counterproductive. Pasting an automatic translation as an answer makes it only worse as looks like would know what you are actually talking about.

The questioner is looking for answers not for random collections of words in a foreign language.

What is your take on this?
@James: I agree that automatic translation tools are an amazing accomplishment.
@Rauji: Did you try ;-)

Administrator answers:

My estimate is that it’s native speakers of english, who never seriously learned a second language and therefor think all languages are just english with other words.

If an answer consists of nothing more than “google translate” or “use google translate”, you should report it as “not an answer” – just like any “google it” “answers”.

If the product of Google Translate (or any other translation-machine) is given, the answer is not a violation, but you can still thumb it down.

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