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Your Questions About Google Translate

July 15, 2013

Susan asks…

Could somebody translate these Latin phrases to English and include the participle?

Paulus videt Petrum ambulantem in via.
Videns Iesum, vir clamabat.
Beati qui, audientes, verbum Domini faciunt.
Servus cenam parabat Paulo venienti in domum.
Oramus pro in Domino viventibus.

Please don’t use Google translate, it’s not accurate.

Administrator answers:

Since this appears to be a school assignment, I will not give you the translation. If you submit the work of someone else, that is cheating! Bad idea.

However, if you tell us what you think the translation is, others and I would be glad to help you where you have problems.

You will not learn Latin by copying someone else’s answers.

Here’s the process: first, you attempt the translation; second, you ask for help on what you’re not sure about (a few sentences at a time), telling us what you’ve already translated; third, people will help you make your own corrections.

William asks…

Is there anyway to translate language in PHP Codes?

I was wondering is there any tool or free online website that can translate language inside php files for example,On php files they are spanish but is there any tool that can convert all those spanish language to english?Im tired of doing with google translate copy paste to english.So is there any?

Administrator answers:

Did you checkup google, I vaguely remember it is available as plug-in. Sorry, I am unable recall fully.

Donald asks…

Can anyone translate arabic writing to english for me?

The writing is on a picture so I can’t go to google translate. I will email the picture to you.

Administrator answers:

If you have Flickr or Photobucket account ,upload the picture there and then put the link to it here ,I might be of help to you.

Linda asks…

Can a Afrikaans speaker translate “Every moment without you is a moment lost” please?

It is for an engraving for a watch for my South African girlfriend and I just dont want to trust google translate!! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Elke oomblik sonder jou, is ‘n oomblik wat verlore gaan.

John asks…

Can a native or fluent Italian speaker translate two phrases for me?

Here are the following things I need translating, as I’m going to Italy next month, I will need to know….

Sorry that I keep asking, I’m only trying to build conversation with you. Is it annoying you?
Oh, so who’s the lucky girl that you’re seeing?

Please avoid using google translate. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Scusa se continuo a fare domande, sto cercando di fare conversazione. Ti dà fastidio?
Oh, allora chi è la ragazza fortunata che stai guardando?

The other answers are good as well, we’re giving you different translations but the meaning doesn’t change that much. Enjoy Italy ;)

Steven asks…

How to translate English to Japanese Romaji?

Ok, Romaji is Japanese, but with Latin Letters. Like the word “effort” is doryoku. THEY DONTHAVE THIS OPTION ON GOOGLE TRANSLATE! I need this for my Japanese homework :P

Administrator answers:

They do have this option on Google Translate, actually.


(I even took a screen shot, haha)
It comes up underneath the text box with the kana.

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