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Your Questions About Google Translate

July 19, 2013

David asks…

How would you translate Matthew 5:9 into either Irish or Scottish Gaelic?

The verse is, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” I plan on getting it as part of a tattoo and I would like it in at least some form of gaelic. The google translate site translates it as, “Bheannaigh an eiseamláir iad, mar beidh siad ar a dtugtar mac Dé,” but I want to make sure that’s right… You know, before getting it permanently tattooed on myself! I would appreciate the help. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

“Is méanar do lucht síochána a dhéanamh, óir glaofar clann Dé orthu.”

That’s taken directly from the Irish language version of the Bible.

By the way, the translation you quoted in your question is wrong and doesn’t make sense. You can’t trust those automated online translators for full sentences.

Maria asks…

How do you translate “condemned to be free” in Icelandic?

I don’t want to leave it to Google Translate because I know what stupid stuff it can come up with. Can anyone help? Any Icelandic people around?

Administrator answers:

“dæmdur til að vera frjáls” would be accurate, but note that this is for a male person only, context would be needed for more.

Or (maybe even better)

“(vera) dæmdur til frelsis” (be) condemned to freedom


þú ert dæmdur til frelsis (you (male singular) are condemned to be free)

Mandy asks…

ive done my french homework about my weekend but had help from google translate will my teacher notice?

i didnt know what some words in french so i used google translate do u think my teacher will notce this?

Administrator answers:

Most likely.

Google is a terrible translator (especially for expressions).

I do recommend or instead, though no robot can sense subtext.

Hope this helps!

Helen asks…

How do I translate the imperative forms of “administer” and “induce” into French?

The exact sentences are:
“Induce vomiting and gastric lavage.”
“Administer symptomatic and supportive care.”

These are the imperative forms of the verb. Based on my knowledge of conjugations, I understood these to be translated as “administre” and “provoque” however Google translate keeps translating as “administrer” and ” provoquent”

Which is correct?

Administrator answers:

If you are attempting to translate texts at this level, you must know that machine translation is not to be trusted. You should also be using a VERY good dictionary, and checking your verbs in either a very good grammar book, or something like Bescherelle, La Conjugaison.
I assume your French is good enough for you to spot that provoquent is a third person plural, present tense, not an imperative.
The verbs are:
administer, in the sense of ‘to manage’: gérer, administrer
induce, in the sense of ‘bring about a reaction’ [such as vomiting] : produire, provoquer
decide whether you want to use the singular or plural imperative#
The imperatives are gère [s] gérez [pl]
administre [s] administrez [pl]
produis [s] produisez [pl]
provoque [s] provoquez [pl]

James asks…

Can you turkish people help me translate this english word into turkish?

? want to know what ‘Matter’ means in turkish. B
Before saying mesele thats not the matter im talking about.
?m talking about the science matter. (Solid,Liquid and gas)
i tried google translate but it keeps saying mesele

Administrator answers:

The matter you look for in Turkish is : (in chemistry or physics)


Solid : Kat?
Liquid : S?v?
Gas : Gaz

States of Matter : Maddenin Halleri

Kat? Hali, s?v? Hali, gaz hali

Lisa asks…

How do you translate this into Chinese Traditional?

Can a native chinese person translate this, please?

“I joined the newspaper club at my school to write about current events in the world.”

& Please if you don’t know, don’t use google translate.

Administrator answers:


W? Ji? Rù le Xuéxiào de x?nwén shè tuán, zhuàn xi? Huán qiú shí shì yào wén?


Usually,we call the school club which has their own newspaper print as ” x?nwén shè tuán”
x?n wén = ??=news
shè tuán=??=club

zhuàn xi?=??=write (formal word)

huán qiú=??=go round the world

shí shì=??=current even

yào wén=??=important news

In Chinese,sometimes we use the different words with the similar meaning to strengthen the main point of the sentence,and “yào wén” is also in the concert with “zhuàn xi? ” .

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