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Your Questions About Google Translate

July 23, 2013

Ken asks…

How would I correctly translate this into Japanese?

Hi! I’m trying to write the word “ureshii” which apparently means happy/glad in Japanese. The thing is, I’m so confused about the hiragana/kanji thing…and Wikipedia isn’t doing it for me. Ive looked at google translate as well, and a bunch of other websites. To sum it up, would I write it like this: ???
Or like this: ????

As if someone were saying it out loud rather than writing it down? Hope it isn’t too vague xD thanks for answering!

Administrator answers:

Both of them will do!! Kanji is the Chinese characters we use in Japan. The whole purpose of it is to make paragraphs easier to understand. For example, ?(ki) can mean a lot of things. ?(ki) is tree, ?(ki) is yellow, ? (ki) is danger…. And so on. Hiragana is simple, but it can get confusing depending on the sentence.

???? And ??? Are the EXACT same thing. Therefore, you can use either one. I do suggest to use ??? In general though, especially if its in a sentence or in something formal.

Steven asks…

Can someone translate this from Japanese for me?

I need help understanding the drama Mikeneko Holmes >_< I have a couple lines I need help with, please DO NOT USE GOOGLE translate, because yes, I’ve already tried.

1. ??????????????????????????????

2. ??????????????????????????

3. ??????????????????????????????

Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

1. Are you sure you heard the victim’s voice right before the light turned on?
2. How come you were on the scene of the crime and let the murder occur?
3. I have a strong feeling Katayama investigator will win a victory.

“????” is a colloquial expression of “??? (victim).”
“????” should be “????.”

Lisa asks…

What web translator is very accurate and correct?

There’s translators like bing translator and google translate. But does anyone know if there are any other web translators which are accurate?

Administrator answers:

I saw a sign at a train station in Geneva that said, ‘Ne montez pas s’il vous plaît.’ A correct translation into English would be something like, ‘Please do not board this train.’

I always remember this because they gave an English translation which was correct, and yet no English person would ever write it: ‘Do not get on please.’

Let’s ask the online translators, and see if they can do any better…

Google Translate: Do not mount please.
Babelfish: Do not assemble s’ you like it. [You what?]
Bing Translator: Do not mount please.

Apart from Babelfish the results look pretty good. Without knowing the context, it’s impossible to know that the original sign was talking about ‘mounting’ a train, so it’s hard for them to do better. (Google Translate did offer ‘Do not ride please.’ as an alternative, so a bonus point there.)

George asks…

Does anybody know any websites I can go to that will translate Punjabi phrases into English?

I’ve been to Google Translate, and ironically enough, they do not have an option for Punjabi. Just my luck. Haha. I want to know if there are any websites that would translate whole Punjabi phrases into English. I’m counting on you, Yahoo users. Please help me.

If you give me an answer with at least two websites, you’ll get the 10 points AND 5 stars! Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Http:// this might work, but you would have to download it.

James asks…

Can you translate this sentence into Spanish please?

“It only means that we need to be aware that history is a cultural interpretation of past events that reveals as much about the values of the culture that chooses to propagate it as it does about the past events themselves.”

Please DON’T just use Google translate. I can do that myself, and I don’t like the translation. I’m looking for people who actually know Spanish to try.

Administrator answers:

Sólo quiere decir que deberíamos tener presente que la historia es una interpretación cultural de acontecimientos que revela tanto sobre los valores de la cultura que elija difundirla como sobre los acontecimientos mismos.

Acontecimientos are generally historical happenings, therefore no reason to qualify them further by saying they’re in the past.

Daniel asks…

Can I learn Swedish with google translate?

I have learned a little with it but I know google translate is not so good but Rosetta stone is too expensive. I looked it up and so far every word seems to be ok.

Is this correct?

Hej, mitt namn är Christian.
Hi, my name is Christian

Vad var att? Jag inte vet.
What was that? I do not know

Jag spelar trumpet. Jag är ganska bra på det.
I play the trumpet. I am pretty good at it.

I am pretty sure these are correct!

Administrator answers:

No. I’ve been learning it and you can’t. It’s great for short phrases SOMETIMES, and if you need help with spelling.

Hej, mitt namn är Christian.
-Yes, that’s correct but it is more commonly said like “Hej, jag heter Christian”

Vad var att? Jag inte vet.
-No, it would be “Vad var det där/den där. Jag vet inte.”

att is only “that” or “to” in certain situations. Den där or det dar, depending on if it is common or neuter.

Jag spelar trumpet. Jag är ganska bra på det.
-No, it would be “Jag spelar trumpeten. Jag är ganska bra (or duktig) på den”

Den, because trumpet is an ‘en’ word.

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