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Your Questions About Google Translate

August 1, 2013

Lisa asks…

Can an arabic speaker translate these into arabic for me?

“And what do we say to death? Not today.”

“Everything and nothing.”

Don’t send me a google translate link, already tried it, thank you for your time.
Translate it into arabic please.

Administrator answers:

“And what do we say to death? Not today.”
????? ???? ?????? ??? ?????

“Everything and nothing.”
?? ???, ??? ???

Ken asks…

Website to translate english words to Korean with pronounciation?

What is a good website to translate english words into Korean, but with Korean pronounciation? I used “Google Translate“, but it just lists the korean words, and I don’t know how to pronounce the words. Thanks

Administrator answers:

may help? Good luck

Richard asks…

Can someone help me with translating a quote from English to Arabic?

Hello, I am looking into getting the quote, “Everyone dies, but not everyone lives” tattooed on my collarbone.
I am looking into a variety of fonts for the tattoo and I am also considering getting the quote done in a different language and one of those languages is Arabic. Please, if you do not agree with tattoos I am fine and I respect your thoughts, but please respect mine, thank you.
I don’t know any Arabic, so I turned to a few friends and to Google Translate but neither of those gave me a confident answer so I was wondering if someone could please give me the Arabic translation, or an Arabic equivalent.
Also if there are any other Arabic quotes if you wouldn’t mind leaving other Arabic quotes and their translations I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you all so much!

Administrator answers:

????? ?? ????? ?????? ???? ?? ????? – Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.

???? ???? ???????? – Direct translation would be “love produces miracles” but it really means “love conquers all.”

Good luck :D

William asks…

I need help to translate a couple of emails in russian?

(in eng letters so google translate doesn’t work.) If you are willing to help please respond with your email. Thank you so much!

Administrator answers:

You can transform text to russian letters here:
Copy your text into the window there and click the button “??? ? ???????”.
Then try google translate.

Nancy asks…

Will someone please translate a letter from English to Russian for me?

I would use google translate, but I would really like more of an authentic Russian translation.
It is a letter from myself, to my biological sister in Belarus that she will read when she is older.

It’s not lengthy, (only front and back of a peice of notebook paper)

Please respond with your email or send me a yahoo message if you would translate it for me, and I will send you the letter!

Thank you

Administrator answers:

I would do it if it’s not too long! What’s your e-mail?

Donald asks…

Can anyone here translate this from Arabic to English?

?? ???? ???? ??????

What is the meaning? I pasted it into Google Translate and the result is nonsensical. It’s a line from a song.

Administrator answers:

It means
yeah,how beautiful freedom is .
in Iraqi dialect

Steven asks…

Is there a way to translate a website from Japanese to English?

I’m on this site called Ameba Pigg, and its all in Japanese. You can go in chat rooms, but of course everyone types in Japanese. Is there a website that can translate it for me? Like instead of reading Japanese, it would come out in English. I already tried Google translate and that didn’t work. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Google translator is the best for this type of stuff,if it came out in blocks you needx to downlad the language pack,just type japanese languagr pack into google,try using google chorome the web browser it will often automaticly translate things..Other wise just youse an onine translator like google translator.

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