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Your Questions About Google Translate

August 5, 2013

Susan asks…

Can someone who speaks Japanese please translate this for me?

Character 1:

Character 2:

Character 1:
???? ???????????

Only someone who can speak Japanese please if you are going to say “Google translate” don’t because it doesn’t work.

Administrator answers:

Character 1:
It’s you!
You control Youma!

Character 2:
I am Manegin, the Youma !
I’m gonna punish you on behalf of Queen Metalia!

Character 1:
That’s not fair!
You took the words out of my mouth!
I am Sailor Moon, the champion of justice!
I’m gonna punish you on behalf of the moon!

John asks…

Why does Google Translate give translations for individual kana?

I’ve just started teaching myself Japanese, and it’s been made abundantly clear to me that individual hiragana/katakana characters have no meaning by themselves. Only by combining two or more does it form a proper word, or so I understand.

If this is true, why does Google Translate produce a word for almost every kana?

Administrator answers:

Kana are basically like the letters in English. Just like how “I” and “a” can have their own meanings, so can an individual kana. However, in kana’s case this is far more common since one kana represents two sounds most of the time.

However, in most cases, these words would be written with kanji instead of kana and I don’t think you will find many words that are normally written with katakana and actually have a meaning, on the other hand, you will find an enourmous list of kanji (which can of course also be written with hiragana if the kanji is deemed too difficult in the context or situation) that have a meaning and are only 1 hiragana long.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were words with every kana besides some obvious exceptions such as wo and n.

Some examples:
??(?) – picture
? (?) – mosquito
??(?) – harmony (also refers to Japan, which’s archaic name is wa no kuni)
? (?) – tree
? (?) – child
? (?) – nothing

And of course, most of the particles are also 1 kana long though those do not have a meaning on their own.

Sharon asks…

How would one affordably get their book translated to Japanese?

It costs too much with the online sites.

What if I “google translate” it first then hand it over to be edited piecemeal to students?

Administrator answers:

Microsoft office word will translate many languages to Japanese. The result will be choppy at best. Hopefully you can purchase the book on a disk then you just copy the book and paste it into Microsoft office word and you will have a rough translation into Japanese for free. Word will even read it to you it you want.

George asks…

Can someone translate this korean sentence to English?

I translated this sentence to English on google translate but I didn’t understand. Here’s the sentence:

?????? ??????????? ??? ??? ???? ??????? ???????

Thank you.

Administrator answers:

“In the last part, when you were to the person next to you, it sounded like you had a slight Chinese pronunciation when speaking in English. Are you Chinese?”

By the way, NEVER trust an online translator.

Donna asks…

Do you think Google Translate Will Ever Be Perfect?

Do you think that one day learning languages like Mandarin for business will become irreverent, because you can use Google Translate and have a perfect translation? People could email/text each other back and forth for business and then just put it into Google and find out what the other person is saying? Do you think this will ever become a reality and if so, how soon?

Administrator answers:

No. There will always be some words/sentences/tenses that will always be unheeded or new words that will not be added.

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