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Your Questions About Google Translate

August 15, 2013

Susan asks…

What is the best free online translator?

I’ve looked at a few and they’re not up to much. Google translate is the best I have found.
Any better ones?

Administrator answers:

Google Translate really is probably the best one. But no translator should really be trusted. When I was younger and just starting Spanish, and I hadn’t done some homework and had maybe ten minutes in the library before first period, I said “to hell with it” and used Google Translate. I typed in “I need a dog” and got “ojo necesitaron perro”. That’s “eye, they-needed, dog”. The teacher just stared at me, baffled when I turned it in (it didn’t help later when I was at a dinner part and tried to ask if my guest liked the bread, and I accidentally ended up saying “te gusta la pene?” which means…well, it doesn’t mean bread). So I wouldn’t trust any translator for phrases. However, for a word or two, Google Translate is your best bet.

Richard asks…

How do you translate my name, Y Phuong, into Chinese, Korean and Japanese?

I’ve tried Google Translate and it does nothing.

Administrator answers:

You can’t “translate” a name into Chinese. Chinese is not a phonetic language. Google Translate is not working, because it is impossible… It’s like people who tattoo their “initials in Chinese.” You can’t do that with characters… Chinese names follow certain rules… You need a surname of 1-2 characters, and a given name of 1-2 characters. There are rules on what sounds good and what does not. It totally sounds like a foreigner name… But if you’re just using it to fool around, then use ?? If you are a girl, and ?? If you are a guy. Both are An Feng.

Mary asks…

Is there a persian-english translator where I can type in English text and get out phonetic persian?

I want to translate english into Finglish (persian written in latin characters). Does anybody know a way to do this? Google translate is great spits out the translation in arabic characters.

Administrator answers:

Yes. Google Translate does it.

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