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Your Questions About Google Translate

August 24, 2013

George asks…

Can you please translate this from Japanese to English?


No clue about the word “????”. By the way, maybe this sentence is someone’s monologue.

No Google Translate or other automatic translator please!

Administrator answers:

I’m rehearsing for Yumi-san’s 40th anniversary live concert tomorrow, listening to the sound source.
Tension, not from pressure or anxiety but from intention to make it perfect, is building up.

I translated “????” as “perfect.”
This is a kind of mimetic word for “steady” or “proper.”

Daniel asks…

Could someone translate my Japanese questions into English?

* ??????????????
* ??????????????????????????
* ??????????????????????????

And providing me with the proper way to answer them would also be really cool. Please note I don’t want answers from Google translate. I want real answers.

Administrator answers:

What day will it be tomorrow ?
(Answer: It’ll be Satuarday(Mon,Tue….) tomorrow.)

It’s Tuesday today. What day will it be tomorrow ?
(Answer: It’ll be Wednesday tomorrow.)

It’s Saturday today. What day will it be tomorrow?
(Answer:It’ll be Sunday tomorrow.)

Hope I could help.

Mandy asks…

Can anyone fluent in French translate these two sentences?

I was hoping someone fluent in French could show me how to write these two sentences in French, I would use google translate, but I know it tends to be inaccurate.
“I believe the quality of a historical film depends on the crew’s effort and accuracy.” and “The last movie I saw was called the Dark Shadows.”

I mostly need help with the first sentence, I’m okay with writing simple things in French, but I’m not sure how to word the first sentence. Thanks for your time, it’s greatly appreciated!
Thank so much, Isa!

Administrator answers:

I would translate it by
“Je pense que la qualité d’un film historique dépend de l’effort de l’équipe (but I don’t really understand what you mean by that) et de l’attention portée à l’exactitude (or you could say “la vérité historique” but you’d use “historique” twice)”

and the second sentence: “Le dernier film que j’ai vu s’appelle the Dark Shadows” or “Le dernier film que j’ai vu est the Dark Shadows”

Donna asks…

How does ‘neisgersim’ translate into English from Lithuanian?

Google translate is of little help, unfortunately!
Many thanks.

Administrator answers:

It means ‘won’t drink.’ :)

Maria asks…

Does anyone know a good free site for transliterating Arabic to English?

I’ve been asked about this from someone trying to learn Arabic, since it has a very different alphabet from the Latin-based one. Google Translate has stopped transliterating it I know. Can anyone help me out with this?

Administrator answers:

…Google Translate still transliterates for me

Robert asks…

can a yahoo email be translated into japanese with google? if not how can i send a email in translated to japa?

I wrote an email to a cousin in japan thro my yahoo and hit the google translate to japanese but didnt work. Is there a way to make it work?

Administrator answers:

Don’t translate anything online.

Those things are horrendous and chances are that your friend won’t understand what the heck you wrote.

There’s a reason why even diplomatic papers are proof read by a board of translators. Do you honestly think a google translator will translate something even remotely understandable?

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