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Your Questions About Google Translate

June 25, 2012

Charles asks…

google translate?

Why is it when I try to translate something in Arabic to English it makes no sense?
Can anybody recommend a decent translating site for Arabic?
Google ain’t cuttin it!
Also, any sites for Farsi/Iranian into English?

Administrator answers:

It ain’t just Google. Most computers have trouble translating any language.

Linda asks…

How to translate an entire web page on Google translate service?

A paragraph can be translated on Google translate and they also had the facility of translating a whole web page but these days I’ve noticed that when a url is pasted on the appropriate place to translate it doesn’t do anything but says again that paste url for translation.
Have they disabled this service of a web page translation? If not then please tell me hoe to translate the whole page. Also suggest me some other translation sites. Thanks a lot.

Administrator answers:

Step 1
First, try the Google Translation service. You can visit and enter any block of text into the box to have it translated into another language. The default setting is from Spanish to English, but if you click on the buttons you will find drop-down menus that allow you to choose different “to” and “from” languages. If you want to translate an entire web page, just enter the URL (by copying it from your address bar) into the appropriate section and then clicking on the “translate” button.
Step 2
For more language options, try Yahoo’s tool at The page looks more complicated than the Google tool, but it has the same functionality, meaning that you can translate blocks of text and entire web pages.
Step 3
Try searching the internet for foreign websites using the new words you’ve learned. You can draw from a global knowledge base while researching for your term paper or article.

Hope it helps you. For more information

Ken asks…

Why does google translate show rectangles when translating a word into another language on my laptop?

When I tried to translate my name (Martin) into Japanese using google translate, 5 rectangles came out. How can I fix that. Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

You don’t have the Japanese font installed.

David asks…

How to get Google Translate to show English meanings by hovering cursor over the Hindi words?

Previously on internet explorer I used to be able to see the English meanings by hovering the cursor over a Hindi word, without having to translate the entire page (which I’m not interested). Now I’m working on a different computer, and here it doesn’t do that anymore. I just can’t figure out what I need to do. It doesn’t happen even if I use the Google Chrome browser. Please advice.

Administrator answers:

You may have to install software for that..

If you know hindi then you might find this funny

George asks…

How can I automatically translate a webpage using Google Translate?

I’m trying to read someones blog, but it’s in another language. My old computer used to automatically translate webpages using google translate, how do I do that?

Administrator answers:

Download google chrome
the translation bar

Click the Tools menu
Select Options.
Click the Under the Hood tab.
Select the “Offer to translate pages that aren’t in a language I read” checkbox.

Maria asks…

I am looking for a Application which can translate entire file, similar to Google translate?

My company’s risk management won’t allow google translate as it stores the data in its servers. Hence, i am looking for a downloadable application.

Administrator answers:

Your company will have to pay for a professional software package, then, something like Babylon 9, Systran, Power Translator, or something similar.

Joseph asks…

How retarded would someone look if they translated a whole book using Google translate?

I know an author who wants to translate his writings into Spanish, French and Russian, but can’t afford a translator. He says he is going to use “Google Translator” which is free. He’s then going to publish the translations and try and sell them.

I told him he would appear to be extremely retarded in the translated language, but just how badly does the translation program work?

Administrator answers:

The translation program on google is horrible. Because it’s so generalized and offers so many languages I don’t think the people who programmed the thing realized that each language is different some languages that may have nouns for things may not use it in day to day talking or writing. Not only are the translations bad, for particular languages like korean for example the translator absolutely sucks! I have tried to use the translator for spanish when I was in high school and it worked out pretty fair but since I was kind of advanced after I ran it through the translator I saw all the mistakes that a person who doesn’t speak the language they are translating wouldn’t notice. All in all don’t use the google translator, the best solution I see here, if you’re not willing to pay for translation services, is to get a dictionary translate each word of the sentence, then find out for that language what is the order for the parts of a sentence, and put it together. But it’ll probably be very tedious but that’s the price you have to pay if you don’t want to pay the $!

Ruth asks…

Google Translate – I am unable to erase the original text of the page displayed . Can any one help?

I have type a text displayed in the box provided by google translate. I might have save it. Whenever I log on the Google Translate it display the text. How do I erase this?

Administrator answers:

Try to refresh either the page, or if not, your browser. You computer too, I guess, or it may just be a temporary problem with Google itself.

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