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Your Questions About Google Voice

February 1, 2013

Paul asks…

What was that web app for the iPhone that is simular to google voice?

Two developers designed a web app that uses the iPhones browser to connect to google voice, I can’t remember the website.
Yes your correct there is no app. What I am looking for is the web- based app that connects to google central(not voice), I was listening to a podcast. It looks like the interface of the iPhone but better.

Administrator answers:

Well its isn’t an app but Google Voice can now be used on your Iphone!


You can use it there you just have to go through safari no big deal its only because apple won’t allow the app in their store.

Mark asks…

Is anyone willing to help me with google voice?

I have been trying for over a week to get my phone to ring from google voice. I can’t get a hold of google, I just keep going in the same circles. Can someone please help me with this? I can give you all the info that is needed?

Administrator answers:

Just record it via your phone

Ken asks…

Can one cell phone be linked to two different google voice accounts?

So that when people call either google voice number, my cell phone will ring.


Administrator answers:

Yes, but do not use any of the advance features like google voice app or send you cell phone voice mail to GV voicemail.then it will get tricky. When you do not answer the call within 25 seconds GV voicemail will answer the call.

Maria asks…

How can I access Google Voice as a Grand Central User?

I cannot access google voice. I CAN log into grandcentral, and I HAVE updated my account. What should I do? Grandcentral is shutting down soon, and I’d like to continue my service with Google Voice. I don’t remember the last time I was able to log into google voice.

Administrator answers:

Learn how to Upgrade to Google Voice from GrandCentral at

Other helpful tips at

Joseph asks…

How do I get google voice out of my phone?

I uninstalled it but still when i try to check my regular voice mail it brings me 2 LEAVE a voicemail to google voice
Funny! -_-

Administrator answers:

Call 611 on your phone they will tell you how to reset voice mail to go to their system

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