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Your Questions About Google Voice

February 22, 2013

Joseph asks…

Is there a way to toggle between a Google Voice number and my phone number?

I have my original number and a Google Voice number. Is there a way I can toggle between the two. For example, for work, is there a way to “turn on” or use my Google voice number and for personal, I can use my personal number? Or possibly a way to turn off Google Voice as an option. Anything?

Administrator answers:

Ive had google voice for years, and if you check out my question Im having some issues with that. I gave someone I just met my GV number and they knew what it was! Can you say embarrassed smh. They asked me to give them my real number and I dont really want to. Sigh

I know that you can turn GV on and off by turning off call forwarding or sending people who call your GV number straight to voicemail.

If your calling a Business Contact and you dont want them to have your real number, the only way I know of doing this is if that person left you a voice message and you press 2 to call them back, Or call them from your computer

Richard asks…

How to invite people to Google Voice when you have an Google Voice Account?

Can someone please tell me how to invite people to Google Voice? Don’t tell me people can’t others to Google Voice, because that’s how I got my account, someone invited me. But now I want to invite someone, how do i do it? please help, thanks.

Administrator answers:

Down on the left you should see invite to google voice :) limited to 3 or 4 I think… It might be closed like a plus sign just click on it and type email address of the person you would like to invite

Donald asks…

Anyway to use an audio file for a custom greeting with google voice?

Just signed up for google voice and love the fact that i can have custom greetings for separate callers…
however i can only record voice greetings and unable to upload audio files to use as greetings (such as music, etc)
Is there anyway of doing this with google voice or another similar (free) service?

Administrator answers:

Record use messenger

Nancy asks…

How do I set up a headset to use with Google voice?

I’m a US Google Voice user and have been using GV for a couple of months routing usage to either my landline or cell. Now I’m in Canada and if I route to my cell (obviously can’t use the landline) I’ll have to pay high cellphone roaming charges.

Is there any way to use a headset with GV just like in Skype? If so how do you set this up?

Administrator answers:

You can have google voice ring to Gmail, as long as it’s open in your browser. It’s one of the settings in the Google Voice menu, under the forwarding options, just select your gmail address there.

Then, if someone calls your google voice number, it will ring on your computer, you hit answer on the screen, and then use your headset plugged into your computer to speak.

Maria asks…

How can I make phone calls in Europe with my Google Voice?

Is it possible to make phone calls in Europe using my Nexus One?
I have a Google Voice account and I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that this could be possible.

Administrator answers:

Sure, do not be silly. ~

Lizzie asks…

Does having only a data plan work if you use google voice?

Lets say I go into the sprint store to get on a contract with a phone, will they let me do it with only a data plan? Will google voice work (be able to call and text) if I have only a data plan?

Administrator answers:

First of all , they never let you, get an only data Plan, with a voice capable Phone.and no it won’t work , texts will, in a wifi area , i’ve done that with an unactivated, phone but no voice calls impossible.

Donna asks…

Which number is shown when replying to Google Voice forwarded message?

Of course, we are allowed to forward text messages, sent to our Google Voice numbers, to other cell phones. My question is, once we receive that message on the cell phone, which number is shown in the reply? The GV number or the actual cell phone number?

Administrator answers:

If you reply to a text that was sent to your GV number, your Google number should show up on the recipient’s caller ID.

In the future, ask your Google Voice questions at!forum/voice

Robert asks…

How do I make outgoing calls on using my Google voice number through my home phone?

I am totally new to Google voice.. please help!

Administrator answers:

From your home number, call your Google Voice number. When the recording starts, press the * or the # key, not sure exactly which one. Type in your pin number and you will be provided options to call a number using your google voice number.

Helen asks…

How long do I have to wait for a Google Voice Invite?

Hey, I have just recently got Google Voice On my iPhone and I tried to get an invite off Google to use it, but it told me that they are not sending out anymore at this time, and they will send me one when they are.
So I am wondering how long it will take for me to get one because I have been reading a story and it says that it is a really good app.


Administrator answers:

Yeh, I’ve been wondering about that too. I myself tried to get Google Voice account. But it seems like they are not sending any more invitations. It will be open to public soon. That time might be by this year, I suppose.

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