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Your Questions About Google Voice

March 13, 2013

Maria asks…

how do i control google voice sms notifications on iphone?

I added the google voice app on the iphone. When i get an sms, it makes a sound, how do I change or diable the sound, as I cannot find it in any menu!

Administrator answers:

I think you can once again go through the User Manual of your new iPhone. You may surely get some clue from it’s instructions. I feel that Additional Applications like Google Voice, Google Chat(Both Video & Text) and so on should be installed and operated through a computer(Home PC) rather than from a mobile phone as some services are better to handle through a PC rather than from a mobile phone. SMS Services from sites like Web2SMS like Voice SMS or Bulk SMS may be a better option for mobile phones & PCs. Other online sites like Yahoo Technology and so on are also there for your help.

Nancy asks…

What are the advantages of having a Google voice number?

I have a Straight talk phone and a landline. Why should I get Google voice?

Administrator answers:

I use Google Voice as my exclusive number. There are a couple of reasons why…

1) I used to have a “stalker” ex-girlfriend, she kept calling and calling, and my cell phone provider only allows me to save voice mail messages for two weeks, I needed a more permanent solution (Google Voice saves voice mail forever until I decide to delete them).

2) I have been in some financial difficulty (economic crisis), and I could not afford to pay my cell phone bill, however, one requires at least voice mail when looking for work. Even though my cell phone got cut off, I could still make and receive calls (online, similar to Skype), and always have voice mail available for those who called me.

3) Google Voice allows you to filter incoming calls, you can setup “groups” such as “friends” “family”, etc. So, I can ensure that my mother can always access me, making my phone ring when she calls, but if a caller who is not in any of my “permitted list” calls, they go straight to voice mail, this was a very useful tool when I wasn’t paying my bills (due to lack of money) and creditors kept calling non-stop, since they were calling my Google Voice number, they went straight to voice mail.

4) There are other uses for it, I like that I don’t have to pay for text messaging (free unlimited text messaging with Google Voice). This too saves me some money each month by not needing a text message plan with Verizon (my cell phone carrier). So, I can send text messages via my Android based phone, or use Google’s email service Gmail to send and receive for free.

Steven asks…

How to get google voice after download?

I downloaded the google voice on my android phone and now I cant find the app. How do I get to it?

Administrator answers:

Gooogle is google

Susan asks…

What happens when you run out of credit in the middle of a call on google voice?

If you are in the middle of a call will google voice automatically add more credit?
Will the call end?
What will happen?
Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Your call will end (cut off). You will receive a one minute warning (female voice) that states that you have “60 seconds remaining”.

This has only happened to me once when I called my brother in Sweden.

Lisa asks…

How can I get a Google Voice Account?

I don’t know anyone that has a google voice account but I want one. Does anyone have any spare invites so that I can join? First one to give me an invite gets best answer.

Administrator answers:

You have to either wait to be invited or someone with GV can send you one of their invites.

If you haven’t put your name on the wait-list, here is the link

You will love google voice. I’ve had it since launch date.

Ken asks…

How do you receive calls with google voice on an iPhone?

So, when i forward my mobile phone number to my google voice number, my google voice app will ring when someone calls me

Administrator answers:

Check on these apps: talkatone and GV Connect. That is what I use to receive Google Voice on iPad.

Mark asks…

If you have a Google Voice number, which number does it show when sending a text?

I recently got Google Voice. I want to know if when someone sends a text to that number and I reply if the other person will see my actual number, or the number Google gave me.

Administrator answers:

I vaguely reading that you could pick which number os shown for voice calls, I know when I text from my Google Voice account page that the Google Voice number is shown by default.

Linda asks…

if I sign up for Google voice can I drop my text message plan?

Some one said Google voice has free text messages and I thought well if that’s true why not drop my Verizon text message plan? Anybody know if that can be done?

Administrator answers:

Google Voice does offer free text messaging, but basically that only works with your desktop. According to Google Voice’s text messaging help page, located at , you can send text messages from your cell phone, “but your mobile operator may charge you for this.”

There is also a limit on how many texts you can send, but it doesn’t say exactly what that limit is.

EDIT: I may be partially wrong… If you have a data plan, you could dump your texting plan and just use the Google Voice ap, which you can get at

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