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Your Questions About Google Voice

March 20, 2013

Nancy asks…

How does Ooma Telo and Google voice work together?

In theory this sounds… AMAZING.

Free landline for forever for less than $200? I’m down.

What I’d like to know when I use my google voice to get a number I want, can forward calls from multiple numbers to the virtual phone number, and is there a way I can see what number the caller is actually calling?

Example: I give out (a) number for work purposes and (b) number for friends and (c) number for family, and finally block all call NOT coming from those numbers?

Is there a visual/audio (on caller ID or different ringtones?) settings I could manipulate to know exactly who is calling at all times?

Administrator answers:

Yes, all of that is very possible with an Ooma Telo phone. A Telo will use any phone at all that you choose to connect to it. But, if you purchase an Ooma Telo HD handset, your possibilities multiply. You can have two lines and two different numbers with an Ooma Telo and you can ‘assign’ handsets to ring by the phone numbers they are assigned to.

Go the Ooma site and look at some of the tutorials. Better yet, join us in the forums. There is tons of help and users to answer nearly every scenario. Yes, I love my Ooma system.

Jenny asks…

Will my phone carrier charge me for using Google Voice on my phone?

I have a phone that requires a data plan. If I connect Google voice with my phone, will I charged for that?

Administrator answers:

Yes, you will be using your minutes even if you use Google Voice to make and receive calls. You need to use a third party app like Groove IP to make Google Voice calls without using your minutes.

George asks…

So how do I make phone calls from Google Voice without having to call a separate number?

I don’t get the point of using Google Voice to make calls since you still need your phone to make a call and when you get a limited number of minutes or pay per minute you really don’t save. I figured out how to text but I have no idea how to make calls without making it “call my mobile number” which seems TOTALLY pointless. Am I missing something?

Administrator answers:

Well i use it to call internationally and thats it
since it calls a local number which routes the call to my international dialed number.
I also use it to receive calls from home and office when im not there.
I do have limited numbers, but i added the Google voice numbers to my faves (tmobile) so i dont get charged.
I also use it for voicemail services, i have my number routed to google voice number after call forward no answer or call forward busy, google voice picks up my calls and when i check it, its transcribes it for me like an sms.

Its a good service to receive calls as you can forward your calls to google voice and receive them on the go……not all services benefit everyone…… your case its not so beneficial….in my case i use to about 10-15 times a day and i love it.

Donald asks…

How do I get past Google Voice’s voicemail to my carrier’s voicemail?

After activating Google Voice (which is cool…I like it), I can’t seem to figure out how to get back to my Verizon voicemail…Google‘s system just kicks in.

I’ve been looking around on Google for awhile now trying to figure out if there’s any way to do it, but not really having any luck.

Administrator answers:

Call Verizon. I had the same problem with my Google Voice activation.
I had to call Verizon to have my voicemail of Verizon come before Google Voice.

Laura asks…

Is there a way to tell if a particular phone number is a Google Voice number?

How can you tell if a phone number is a Google Voice number? Will a reverse number lookup indicate a particular carrier if a number is Google Voice? Ive done a reverse lookup on a known Google Voice number and the carrier said Level 3. Can anyone confirm?

Administrator answers:

I have Google Voice. Try this… Call the number. If they have not setup their voicemail fully, it will say that “the google voice subscriber you have called is not available.” If they have setup their voicemail, you can press *. If it is a female voice that says “To access your account, please enter your four digit pin” it is likely a Google Voice account.

Steven asks…

How to send/receive text messages with google voice?

I recently downloaded google voice on my captivate because I heard that you can send and receive text messages without using a messaging feature on my account but I have no idea how to use the app for text messages. I appreciate any info, thanks!

Administrator answers:

Sing in to google acount and u have to put a cell number or hose phone number to have free texts

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