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Your Questions About Google Voice

April 26, 2013

Paul asks…

can i listen to voicemail that was saved prior to signing up for Google Voice?

I have a few voicemails saved. i just signed up for google voice. i don’t see a way to listen to these saved voicemails, is there one?

Administrator answers:

The voicemails before you signed up are stored on your phone’s server, not on Google’s servers.

If you want, you can call yourself and play back the message to record it on GV.

Steven asks…

How to turn off call forwarding on Google Voice?

When people call my google voice number I don’t want it to forward to any of my phones.

Administrator answers:

Last I used it, I just had to click the privacy option to make it go directly to voicemail.

John asks…

Is Google Voice number available only in the USA?

Is the Google Voice number available only for those in the USA?

Is it available in Great Britain?

Administrator answers:

Google Voice is only supported in the United States and a mobile phone with a US number is required in order to use it. Users outside of the US can use Call Phone in Gmail to make international calls at our affordable rates.

James asks…

How can I log out all accounts on my iPod touch without having it? More specifically Google Voice?

My parents took my iPod touch and I need to know how I can log out of my Google voice account on there without having it.

Administrator answers:

Hi, Nick Redo

The only thing I could suggest to you really, would be to Change your Password.
That way if your Parents were to go on it, your iPod Touch would realise the Password is Incorrect (because you’ve changed it), and therefore would ask for the Password to be Entered.

Obviously you can change it back once you have your iPod Touch back.

Hope this helps.

Susan asks…

Does your cell have to be activated to get google voice?

I need to activate my cell can i use google voice ?

Administrator answers:

No you do not need a cell phone to activate google voice but you need a phone (landline) that google voice could call and verify and forward to start your service. I have read that you could also use google talk to verify but have never do that.

Carol asks…

Why do you need to get invited to Google Voice?

Why does Google require you to get an invite, to create a Google Voice account?

Administrator answers:

Because the service costs them money… I can not see how they are making any money off of this service, so to keep the amount of users in control, they require you to get an invite…

Which ends up making GV numbers quite valuable…

I posted about a year or two ago on here that i had a few grandcentral (which is now google voice) invites available… And i still get emails almost every day from people looking for an invite. (grandcentral only gave users 10 invites to give out)

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