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Your Questions About Google Voice

May 2, 2013

Carol asks…

Can I text an call to Mexico an oter countries though google voice?

What are the calling rates and texting rates for google voice I’ve reasearched and all I get is info on how to use google voice.

Administrator answers:

You can text thru any email try 10 digit phone number followed by (Movistar) (Telcel)

or try yahoo messenger you could send text thru that too

Sandy asks…

Can my celll phone text to a google voice account for free?

My friend in florida uses google voice on his iPod to text me, but what I want to know is can my iPhone without google voice text to his phone for the same price as it would be to text to any other phone in CANADA. i.e it wouldn’t cost a lot of money?

Administrator answers:

It would be the same price to as texting someone in the USA from Canada check you cell phone company

Lisa asks…

Can I use my Google Voice number to cheat those Facebook apps where you get coins for signing up for ringtones?

You get points points for signing up for free ringtones or whatever (eg on Friend FAQ) but it says like 9.99/month. I would have to validate it by entering the code from a txt, and google voice recieves texts. My question is, (1) would it work, and (2) if it would work, would they be able to charge me, since my gv is hooked up to my cell?

Administrator answers:

Sending SMS from a website like Skype or Facebook to your Google number currently won’t be received because these sites treat SMS as if they are sending to an email address, which Google Voice doesn’t support.

Maria asks…

How to setup Google Voice like service outside the US?

I want to setup a Google Voice like service for my country and I want to know how Google Voice works, also how I must go ahead and setup a service like this and what else would be required?

Administrator answers:

If you’re at the point where your asking this question on Yahoo Answers, you’re so far behind the learning curve that there’s no way you could do it.

Google will most likely open up voice accounts to your country far faster than you can learn what you need to know, then implement it.

But just simply, the companies that do what Google Voice does are generically known as Virtual PBX systems. I would start by looking into that. There are plenty of them, but as far as I know, Google, with it’s near monopoly on online advertising, is the only company capable of offering the service free. Other companies like Ring Central offer similar services, but they charge for them.

I’m sure there are already Virtual PBX companies in your country. If you’re serious about getting this up and running before Google starts offering numbers in your country, you’re best bet is to buy one and change their business model. If you can’t afford to do that, you can’t afford the investment of making one of these companies successful either. (That’s how Google got started so quickly, they bought the Virtual PBX company Grand Central and then modified the system and into Google Voice. More recently, they purchased Gizmo5, which they are expected to use to create a VOIP system compatible with Google Voice.)

Daniel asks…

What’s a free program I can download so I can call people online for free? That’s like google voice?

I would just use google voice but for some reason it won’t work. What other services can I use? I want to be able to call them from my computer to their cell phone.

Can you do that with skype?


Administrator answers:

You can try the following…

*Yahoo Voice Calls

if you have an Android cell you can download Sipdroid and set it up to make wifi calls.
If you have an iPhone you can install Whistle, Textfree with Voice, Vonage, and Voxox to make calls or sms.

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