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Your Questions About Google Voice

May 10, 2013

Michael asks…

If someone from the US uses google voice to call my cell phone in canada, would i get charged?

Since google voice isn’t available in canada , would i get charge if they call me using that ? My provider is telus if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

As long as you are in your local calling area then you will just use ‘minutes’ according to your plan. It makes no difference where the call originated from.

Mark asks…

If I use Google Voice on my phone does that mean less radiation?

Okay If I Use Google Voice to make calls on my sprint smart cell phone (which I understand is Internet Phone VOIP) Will there be less radiation than if I use my cell phone using the regular signal.. I think its 3G network.

Or does it make no difference because it still connects through the 3G network?

Administrator answers:

This should make no difference as both are using the same 3G network. IMHO the only conceivable way to lessen the radiation would be to put the phone into airplane mode turning off the cellular components and to connect over wifi. If you are this worried about the radiation, get headphones with a mic and keep your phone away from your head.

Nancy asks…

I just got a google voice number to give any one other than family, is it free for incoming calls?

I just got a google voice number to give any one other than family, is it free for incoming calls? Thats how ive been using it but so far no ones called so I dont know.

Administrator answers:

You can visit this site it has lots of Great Information on Free Calls

Jenny asks…

How do i make calls from my phone using google voice?

I just signed up with google voice, and i have my new number but i dont know how to make calls from my phone. Please help

Administrator answers:

1. Call your Google Voice number
2. At the prompt, press 2
3. Type in the number you are trying to dial.
4. Talk!

There are some great instructional videos that google made that should help you out.

Maria asks…

How porting your number to google voice works?

I currently have AT&T, Lets say that i port my phone to google voice. How does it all work? Do you still have cell phone service? if so how? Does it require wifi? and does it have data?

Administrator answers:

Porting the number means you are cancelling the service if you are under contract do not do it. Wait for the contract to end the porting process take about 24 hour from start to finish. You go to and create an account with your gmail address it will ask you if you want to port you mobile number and you say yes. 24 hours later you cell phone service will stop google voice will handle your calls During the 24 hours you should get a new sim or move to a prepaid service like one of the ones at walmart or any other service cheap prepaid. You will get new number you could forward your google voice call (your old number). You could forward you calls and text to the new number. If you have a smart phone you could forward to google chat as one of you phone and use a app to talk over you WiFi. If you change phone and number again you remove the old number from you google voice account and add the new phone service. You could have google voice forward to a house or work number.

Laura asks…

How do I receive calls to my cell phone on Google Voice?

I want to be able to answer phone calls to my cell phone from my PC. Can Google Voice do that ? Is there any software out there that will do that?

Administrator answers:

Google Voice you could set up to direct calls to call any phone in the US or Canada. You could call from your PC with google voice to any North America number. You could use a smart phone and call using WIFI and not use any cell phone minutes with apps like Talkatone or GooVe free. A cell or land line is required to active google voice bu you could turn off forwarding the call to the phone after activation.

David asks…

Can I view my contacts on Google Voice on a regular phone without internet?

So I have a Samsung Eternity. I just got Google Voice and I noticed that if i want to make a call or sms somebody, I have to know their number by heart. i really can’t memorize the numbers of all my contacts. Is there any way that I can view/hear my contacts on my phone which doesn’t have a data plan?

Administrator answers:

Nope. Google Voice doesn’t have a gadget yet, so you have to technically memorize by heart or use internet.

Lizzie asks…

How to use Google Voice on android phone without wifi or data?

I recently been using Google Voice on my android phone. Though, whenever I’m somewhere without wifi, I can’t text. I also don’t have a data plan. The Google Voice app on my phone says “Network Error” and when I send out texts, is says “Queued…” Anyone to send/receive texts without wifi/data?

Administrator answers:

Can not send unless you have a data connection

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