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Your Questions About Google Voice

May 18, 2013

Lisa asks…

How may I get a google voice number?

Hey I live in canada and i like to know is there anyway i can get a google voice number?

Administrator answers:

I have google voice and I wanted to invite my friend who lives in Portugal to join so that we could text anytime we wanted for the wonderful price of FREE! =P

However, I was not allowed to invite anyone internationally, as it is only available in the US. =/

Ken asks…

Google voice and PO box for financial professional?

I recently started working as an insurance broker. I want to really work hard at this and really succeed. My question is with my business card. I wanted to use google voice as my business number and a PO box as my business address. Does this sound professional for a guy who is an insurance broker? I work with top insurance companies like Mass Mutual, New York Life, Aetna, Kaiser, United Health Care, Metlife, Prudential, Ash brokerage, etc. I like that I have options to give people the best option and not be tied down to just one company. I can fit people better into their type of budget and insurance needs but I am new to this so I would greatly appreciate feedback. Thank you in advance.

Administrator answers:

Shouldn’t be a problem. Many brokers & companies just list a PO Box on their card. And your google voice is just a phone number…nobody knows it’s google voice, they just see a phone number.

Steven asks…

How can I prevent someone else logging into my google voice account on their phone?

So my phone was dead and I needed an insurance agent to call me to give me a quote. I picked up my bf’s phone to see what his google number was so I could type it in the “call me now” field. Whelp… He was logged in as me. I thought all my google voice calls and texts could only be forwarded to my mobile number. Apparently any phone can log in as me if someone knows my password. Any way of preventing this other than changing my password?

Administrator answers:

“Apparently any phone can log in as me if someone knows my password.”
1. YES! Since you never should give away your user-id and password to anyone Christina!!! They both are designed and intended to be personal, just like the key to your own house.

2. Changing your password is a MUST (and always keep it to yourself again, always) if you do not want this to happen anymore

3. Never allow any computer / cell-phone device to STORE your own unique password EVER, since then other can use it too!

Donna asks…

Will I get charged for calls I make from google voice since it’s forwarding?

I have an Unlimited calling plan on Verizon, I signed up to google voice (kept my own number) just to make international calls. I know it uses call forwarding, so am i going to get charged for the amount of time I spent talking? Or does it not count because I have unlimited minutes?

Administrator answers:

How did u get invited ti use google voice. PLS. Let me know my email add is


Sandra asks…

Google Voice. Is there an app to allow to place calls from my phone directly?

Or do I always need to visit the website and place calls from there? I have a samsung eternity phone, and this has revolutionized the way I keep track of my lady friends. The entree never knows when the sides are calling because it rings to my google voice number.

Administrator answers:

Depends on what phone you have otherwise yes you’ll have to make calls through
if you have an Android based phone then it’ll have google voice integrated on it and all you’ll have to do is download the app and you can make calls

Sharon asks…

Can someone please explain to me the concept of google voice?

I don’t understand. It says you will only use one number to be reached on. But, what’s the point of that? Like, can’t you just buy one cellphone and use that?

I don’t understand what makes google voice different. I don’t think I’m grasping the fundamental concept of how all these different numbers become one. Can’t people just use one number on their own?

Administrator answers:

The point of GOOG voice is to simply give you the flexibility of taking calls made to the google # on any of the lines (your cell, your home phone, your vacation house phone, etc) you choose to connect it to.

If you’re under the assumption that there’s cell coverage everywhere, you’ve been mistaken. Verizon has the largest and most extensive network, but even Verizon has holes (very few, but nonetheless). If you are on AT&T or T-Mo, you’ve got to work on a pretty crappy network. So, you ask your buddies to call your google voice # instead of calling your cell. That way, when you are at home or near a landline, you can take your call on that without having to worry about reception.

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