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Your Questions About Google Voice

June 3, 2013

Sharon asks…

How to get google voice contacts to new iphone?

How to get google voice contacts to new iphone?

all of my contacts from my old blackberry are in my google voice contact list. i am having a hard time getting those contacts to my new iphone. i use pc if that helps


Administrator answers:

You should be able to use your Google Voice contact if you install GV app on your iPhone.

Carol asks…

Will t-mobile charge me for making phone calls using google voice?

I just installed the google voice app on my iphone. I live in TN and my friend lives in TX, I wonder if I’m going to be charged by t-mobile for making a long distance call with google voice app.

Administrator answers:

If you are using Google Voice, you aren’t actually using your phone plan, you are actually using the data/internet. If it is all in the United States, it should be free.

Lisa asks…

Will Cricket use your number that you have for Google Voice?

I have a number for Google Voice and everyone texts me on it and I dont want to change my number. Will Cricket allow my to keep my Google Voice with that number? Will Cricket even use that number if I prove its mine?

Administrator answers:

Keep the numbers separate and tell google voice to forward your text to the cricket phone today and it you change service you could do the same thing to the new phone service. Get a app so the outgoing will have the google voice number.

Ken asks…

Will Google Voice Text work while I’m in abroad if I have already set it up in the US before leaving?

I am moving to China next month and would like to be able to text the US. I have already set up a Google Voice number in the United States and have downloaded it on to my phone (which I will only be using for connecting to wireless internet). My question is will I be able to text US numbers? Any information about Google Voice quality would be helpful as well.

Administrator answers:

You will need to use a good VPN service, to ensure connectivity and also for other sites which are blocked like Facebook and YouTube. China and Google have been going at it for over a year and a lot of Google stuff gets messed with there. The VPN will prevent any issues and protect your connection from the numerous hackers and government spy agencies there.

Donna asks…

Is there anyone willing to give me a google voice invite?

I need a google voice account badly, and the wait list for invites from google itself is massive and I can’t wait forever. Any help given will be appreciated!

Administrator answers:

Yeah it looks awesome

Paul asks…

Is the call free if I am calling a google voice number from a cell phone?

Let’s say that my friend lives in Texas, and he has google voice.
I have a regular cell phone number in California.

If I call his google voice number, the call will be free for him, but will “I” have a long distance charge? or will the call be free for me too, since I’m calling his google voice number?
Is CALLING (keyword – calling) a Google Voice number from a regular cell phone basically free long distance calling for the caller?

Administrator answers:

The google voice number is like a “landline”. It will be like calling a landline number in Texas. If you are on a nationwide plan, it should be deducted from your minutes.

Betty asks…

Is the Android Google Voice Calling App Free? The calls i made through googlevoice were listed as peak minutes?

I know that Google Voice says calling is FREE through the new number they give you, but all the calls I have made through my google voice application on my phone showed up online on my verizon account as peak minutes, meaning that I have to pay. Can anybody help me with this?

Administrator answers:

Google Voice works by calling an access number and going from there so it’s still a phone call. As far as help, leave Verizon. They will nickel and dime you to death. It’s usually cheaper to pay termination and go somewhere else.

Mark asks…

Does it cost money to call a long distance google voice number?

I made my google voice number not thinking about the area code, and I found a number that has my last name with an S at the end. I immediately took it, and then realized later that it is a Louisiana area code. I live in California. Will it cost my friends long distance to call it if it forwards to a phone that is in my area code. If it does charge them, is there a way to fix that? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Yes it will cost them money, since it’s a long distance number, that is, unless they have free long distance. I believe you can change the number if you go to settings in the top right of the Google voice page. I just looked, and it says it’s $10 to change it.

Mandy asks…

How to uninstall google voice and video (for videochats)?

I want to uninstall Google Voice and Video for GMail video chats. I don’t use it, and I don’t want it. However, there is no folder in my computer for uninstallment. What do I do?

Sorry… I forgot to mention that I have a Mac.

Administrator answers:

Yes, go into control panel, add/remove programs and uninstall Google Talk Plugin.

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