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Your Questions About Google Voice

June 8, 2013

Mary asks…

How to make calls using your Google Voice without using your cellphone minutes.?

I have a 300 minutes plan and whenever i call on google voice it eats up my minutes. I want to make make calls to South America but without using my minutes; is there a way to do that? I have heard about sip and google voice but i am really not familiar with them. Thanks for the help.
ps: i am using android 2.2

Administrator answers:

Look into Groove IP:

Richard asks…

How does google voice work on iPod touch?

I was woundering this because isn’t google voice a caaling thing were people can call you? Well i don’t understand can someone please explain?????

Administrator answers:

No all google voice is you open the google app talk into it and it searches whatever you said so you dont have to type anything if you areon the ipod touch you need a mic.

Michael asks…

Where can i download the app for Google Voice?

I have a BB 9530 and I already have a google voice account I just need the app. I tried downloading it from different websites but it would take me back to the google voice website and I just want the app. I used to have both the account and the app but I couldn’t text from it so I read that if you delete the app and install it again it would work. But now I can’t find just the app.

Administrator answers:

You can download it here:

Thomas asks…

How do you stop someone from being able to call/text your cellphone using “Google Voice”?

I have been having problems recently with having unwanted messages being sent to my phone with someone using Google Voice, I was wondering how I would go about blocking a certain person/ disabling it completely, as it is becoming quite a problem. I have an HTC Surround, but I’m not sure if that matters or not. Thanks all.

Administrator answers:

You can either ignore it or have your carrier block the number.

Laura asks…

Is Google Voice free on and an Android Phone such as the HTC EVO 4G?

I really would like to know, because I hate giving out my cell phone number to every one, but I’m with Sprint and AT&T. And with Sprint, I get free calls to and from any cell phone. On the iPhone, Google Voice uses my cell minutes, and want to know if it dose that for Sprint, b/c I would rather use no minutes, and if it going to I just stick with the any mobile with sprint!

Administrator answers:

Yes google voice is free on all android phones incredible htc evo.

Paul asks…

Why cant I call my google voice number with my landline phone?

When I use my landline phone to call my google voice number it says, “The subscriber you have called is unavailable please leave a message after the tone” I am trying to call my google voice number with my landline so that I can place a call. What do I do!?!?

Administrator answers:

You can only call the Google voice number from the phone set up for it if you wan to use it for a long distance call.
Otherwise it is just another call coming in.

Susan asks…

Can I use Google Voice with my cell phone number?

I downloaded the Google Voice app for my blackberry, and now it looks like I can have people call the Google number and leave messages that will then go into Google Voice.

My question is: is there a way link up my cell phone number to google voice? IE, can people leave messages for me on my cell number that will then be transcribed and emailed to me using the Voice application?

I really don’t want to start giving out a new number…too complicated.

Administrator answers:

See the differences between a Google Number and a non-google number with Google Voicemail at and watch videos at

If you’re using a Google number, you can still set up Google voicemail with any mobile forwarding phone.

To do this, click Settings at the top right of the page. On the Phones tab, click the Add Google voicemail to this phone link to get started. The mobile carrier for your forwarding phone will need to be one of Google’s current supported wireless carriers

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