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Your Questions About Google Voice

June 17, 2013

George asks…

How to call through google voice on mobile phone?

I enabled Google voice on my phone and am able to make call from the browser and also receive calls to my ported number. However to make calls from my mobile number using the Google voice number, i have to dial it, enter my pin, and press 2 before entering the number i wish to call. I was wondering if there is a way to bypass all that extra steps and call my recipient directly through Google voice.

Administrator answers:

You could set you phone so you do not require to enter your pin, edit, advance setting on your google voice phone and check pin is not required under voice mail access. If you have a smartphone you could download Groove IP or Talkatone for android or iphone.

Chris asks…

Is there a Google Voice app for PC or iPod Touch, or at least one in the works?

I’ve been using Google Voice for a little while now, and since it’s VOIP-based, I’ve been wondering if/when they will release an app for making calls directly from a desktop PC app and/or iPod Touch. It would be really nice to be able to place calls from either, but in doing some online searching, it sounds like they haven’t released such an app yet. Does anyone know if one is in the works?

Administrator answers:

It seems it is in the works:

Ken asks…

When will Google Voice become open to the public?

GrandCentral became Google Voice a little while ago. I tried signing myself up for GrandCentral invitations before it turned into Google Voice, and then I tried signing up for it again once it became Google Voice. I heard it’s going to be open to the public soon, but I can’t find any hard information on this. I really want to join!

Administrator answers:

I know this is not an answer but I have had the exact same issue. I do not think anyone knows the exact release date yet… Hopefully soon!

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