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Your Questions About Google Voice

June 27, 2013

Paul asks…

Is it free to send and receive SMS to a Canada number with google voice?

I’ve been texting my friend in canada with my google voice number, it’s not going to charge my mobile phone number attached to it right?

Administrator answers:

Not if you have a SMS text messaging plan with your Mobile Carrier.

Helen asks…

how to block phone calls from google voice?

I have a stalker calling me from google voice. How can I get google to stop this number from calling my cell phone?

Administrator answers:

Every time a call is placed from google voice, it comes thru as a random number. I don’t think you can block it. Either change your cell number or don’t answer any calls you don’t recognize

James asks…

Can I make a mobile Phone call over Internet like google voice or Skype using yahoo mobile messenger?

I would like to make a call that wont run up my minutes can I use yahoo mobile for this. Im still waiting on my google number from Google Voice maybe I can just use this? I dont know can I?

Administrator answers:

Yes you can without using your phone type in A phone number and then type a sentence then press send .Its kinda like texting.

Thomas asks…

Can I use Google Voice Number for yahoo mail two factor authentication ?

I have blocked incoming messages on my personal phone and hence would like to use Google Voice number for the two factor authentication. So, wanted to check if that is possible.

Also, please mention alternatives for yahoo two factor authentication in case the above is not possible. Thanks,

Administrator answers:

If you use two factor authentication it will ask a secret question or text you. If you have it text you will need to login to google voice and read the message. Yahoo has true sms texting and will work with google voice.

Carol asks…

If I call someone using google voice, would it charge them long distance?

Google voice seems like a neat feature, but would it charge the receiver of the phone call long distance charges?

Administrator answers:

No. Only if they forward their call to a long distance # would that happen. For instance, I forward my calls on Skype overseas since I have a US phone # and moved abroad.

Ruth asks…

Why wont my google voice app work on my itouch?

had previously downloaded the talkatone app. It recently stopped working for me. I just downloaded the google voice app on my itouch. I have a gmail account, but for some reason, it will not sign into my account. Does anyone else have this problem or has anyone else found a solution to this problem?

Administrator answers:

Try reinstalling the app

Joseph asks…

can I use google voice on my computer and just a headset and make calls?

can I use google voice on my computer and just a headset and make calls?

Administrator answers:

Nope its not skype

Charles asks…

When using Google Voice for texting, do the numbers you text / call appear on a t-mobile cell phone bill?

I am looking into using Google Voice to for some texting / calls. My only concern, is that these transactions will be viewable on the cell phone bill. Does using Google Voice bypass your cell phone carrier, or does something still appear on the bill?

Administrator answers:

Texting will not appear on the bill, since GV uses data/internet to send/receive SMS. No numbers you call will appear on your bill either, unless you (or the bill payer) has specifically requested to see each call made on the phone

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