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Your Questions About Google Voice

July 10, 2013

Charles asks…

Can I plug a regular home phone into my PC to access Google Voice?

Can I use a Google Voice free phone number as a replacement for my basic home service by plugging my regular home phone into my PC?

Administrator answers:


no… Its not possible. :)

Steven asks…

How can I invite someone to google voice?

Ok I was invited by a friend (she had three invites and gave me her last one) and one of my friends would love to try the service but has been waiting on google for two months!!!!!!!! I just set up my google voice account so how do I invite her?

Administrator answers:

I’ve combed through all of my Voice settings, contacts, all that, and I don’t see the option to invite anyone so I take it invites are disabled at the moment. If your friend signs up with a Gmail address, Google should send them an invite in a few days. That’s how I got my Voice account, no friends invited me:-(

edit: There’s no invite option in my left column or anywhere on my page, I wonder why.

Donald asks…

Does it cost money to get a Google Voice phone number?

I got the google voice app on my ipod touch and made a google voice number so i could call people on it but i wanted to know if getting a google voice number is free or do i have to pay?

Administrator answers:

100% free
Also it’s free to call anywhere in North America but if your calling outside of N.A it’ll cost you varying on where outside of N.A you call

James asks…

Could you use a Google Voice Number if you’re a phone sex operator?

I noticed that most phone sex agencies want you to have a phone. I was wondering if I could use Google Voice as my number for phone sex job. If so, how would this be possible?

Administrator answers:

You can tie any number into Google voice whether it be a landline or a cell number. Just add your number into Google voice and it will send out a different number based on your area.

Mary asks…

How Many Minutes are in $10 Google Voice Credit?

I am confused. I know Yahoo and Skype have the $10 credits and it equals 1000 minutes, but Google Voice doesn’t have any information about their credit system. I hope it is 1000 minutes per $10 credit. I want to buy the credit, but I want to make sure it is worth the money.
These are for international calls.

Administrator answers:

Yahoo and Skype rates are not 1000 minutes for $10. It is about $.02/minute and $.035 connect charge per call.

Helen asks…

How to download Google voice plugin?

I use to have Google voice then it just all of a sudden said i needed to download the plugin. I need help!

Administrator answers:

Google Chrome is a far better browser than the others I’ve seen (tried all the populars).

It will have the plugin you need.

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