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Your Questions About Google Voice

July 13, 2013

Donna asks…

How to have google voice number show up on all outbound things on T-mobile?

I use to have a Razor 2 on Sprint. I got a google voice number, and during the time sprint allowed me two options to do a soft switch, where just my outbound calls use my google voice, or a hard switch where I just switch my number over to google voice. I did the soft switch so any calls made by my phone had my google voice number. Any text I sent had my google voice number. If people called me on my old number I could still answer it just fine.

Now I have switch over to a Nexus 4 on T-mobiles $30 a month plan. After switching my sprint number over to T-mobile. I want to know how to switch it so my calls and text all use my google voice number.
Option one seems to just use the Google voice app everytime. I guess I could do that, but I don’t really care if I go through the google voice network… Right now I make a call and it asks everytime if I want to use google voice. But I assume this is actually using data, not the cell network? That could be fine sometimes. The point is when I’m not using the app I want my google voice number to still show up.
My problem is, somebody will send me a text, I get it and then reply to them. Then I realize I just sent the text through my phone and not through google voice. So they didn’t see my google voice number.
How can I change this? This seems like its more of a T-mobile option? Because my old phone that didn’t even have a google voice app was able to do this just fine.

If worst comes to worst I guess I just have to change my number to my google voice number and ditch my old number?

Administrator answers:

You pretty much need to use the Google Voice app to achieve what you want. As mentioned, you can go into Google Voice settings and set the option, “use Google Voice to make all calls”.

Lizzie asks…

Can I use my Google Voice to call and text while my phone is put on freeze?

I’m going oversea for three weeks and I will be asking my provider to freeze my service for that time. With that, can I continue to use my Google voice service on my mobile device if there is WiFi access?

Administrator answers:

If you use a app like Groove IP or Talkatone yes. If you do not have a USA or Canada IP address you need to put money on google voice unless you are in the military. It is cheap like $01/minute. You can set up you smart phone to call for free too.

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