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Your Questions About Google Voice

July 17, 2013

Chris asks…

Does calling people from google voice cost you money?

I just got google voice so I could text and call people for free. But they also took my real phone number, if I make calls or send texts through the number they gave me will it add costs to my phone plan?

Administrator answers:

No it will not!

Sandra asks…

How to get rid of google voice?

I added google voice as my voice mail on my phone (nexus s). I was sick of it the first minute. I wanted to take it off, but it won’t budge. Please help!
*I have Sprint
*I tried settings> manage apps> force close, I erased data, I put my carrier for voicemail. I just want regular SprinT voicemail and text!
*no calling Sprint~ my parents wont give me the password to my account.

Administrator answers:

Dial *38, wait for the beeps and hang up. Inbound calls should now go to Sprint’s voicemail system. If not, call Sprint customer service, and ask them to remove the Google Voice feature code from your account and reset your Sprint voice mail.

Lisa asks…

How do you disable Google Voice’s automatic recording?

I was talking on the phone using Google Voice & right in the middle of my conversation a voice message came on. It stated ” This conversation will be recorded”. And the Google Voice actually started recording my whole conversation.

I also would hear clicking noises during previous calls as well. Can anyone explain to me why this is happening or how to DISABLE this “automatic voice recording” feature with Google Voice. This is VERY annoying!!!

Administrator answers:

PLEASE Google let me disable this feature, just like it automatically disables when I dial out. It must be my voice, but almost EVERY single incoming call my voice automatically triggers the “voice recording on” If that’s not embarrassing enough, many times I can’t turn it off when pushing the number 4.

It happens so often now, that many times I tell the caller, “can I call you back?” knowing that when I call out this feature is disabled. If google could simply allow a way to disable this feature it would be near perfect!!

Robert asks…

can i use google voice on my android phone without using wifi?

i have an htc desire and when i use google voice to send text messages it says connection error. why does it need internet access?

Administrator answers:

No, you need Wi-Fi or a Data Package to connect to the Google servers and recognise what you said.

Linda asks…

Will a google voice phone number work for craigslist?

I am trying to phone verify my craigslist account and was wondering if a google voice number would work?

Administrator answers:

Yes but only if you call in to have it manually verified. It will not verify using the online automated method. Contact Info

Toll Free Number: 1-800-664-0633
Phone Number: 415-566-6394 or 408-988-6395
Fax: 415-504-6394
President’s email address:
Mailing Address:
1381 9th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94122

Steven asks…

Is there a Google voice incoming call notification?

I use google voice in my gmail account. Whenever a call comes in, I have to have a browser open to be alerted about an incoming call. Is there a way that I can be notified of incoming calls without having to always have my browser open? Is there some kind of a desktop application? Thanks for any help :)

Administrator answers:

You should use Google talk
go and download it from
its a desktop programme and it has several music notifications for incoming call
hope that helps you

Susan asks…

Does it cost the receiver of google voice anything if the call is from abroad?

I’m in Japan and want to call someone in the US using google voice. I know it wont charge me anything, but will they get long distance charges?

Administrator answers:

Recipient will not incur LD charges. However, if you call them on their mobile phone, they may be charged for airtime minutes by their wireless carrier.

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