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Your Questions About Google Voice

July 28, 2013

Donna asks…

If someone knows my google voice number, can they see my mobile number?

I just signed up for google voice and can’t figure out if I text someone using google voice, can they see my mobile number?

Administrator answers:


no,your phone number will be hidden.

Mark asks…

Can a transfer my Google Voice number to a cell phone?

I had a phone with Sprint and towards the end of my contract I signed u for Google Voice and had my cell number used for tht account. I’ve been using GV but I’m planning on getting a new phone and I want to have my number switched to that new phone. Is this possible? Or would I just have to keep using GV to make calls using my old number?

Administrator answers:

It would be the same as it is right now… When somebody calls your Google Voice number it rings on your phone. When you make a call you use your cell number, or if you have download the Google Voice app you can have your calls go “through” Google voice and have your GV number show up.

You can switch your number to a Google voice number but I think there is a fee. But then you wouldn’t have google voice anymore.

Lizzie asks…

What happens when someone calls my google voice number?

Does the mobile provider see who is calling? It seems to me that someone calls the google voice number which then calls my mobile. Should be just like call forwarding, right?

Administrator answers:

It’s a forwarding service if that’s how you set it up. You can also set it as a screening service. Google voice will also rings multiple phones at the same time. E.g., your cell, office and home.

You can also transfer your cell or phone number to google voice. If you do, then the caller will see your caller ID as you.

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