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Your Questions About Google Voice

July 31, 2013

Donna asks…

How do I connect my Google Voice to a new e-mail address?

I recently created a new e-mail address. Is there a way to take my Google Voice phone number and sync it with my new e-mail address?

Administrator answers:

No, your google applications are always linked to your google account and gmail. You cannot link them to another email account.

John asks…

How much data does Google Voice app use?

I am paying per MB in my cell phone data plan. How much data does the google voice android app use if I leave it on all day and text all day (for example, 500 texts). Any examples or input would be helpful.

Administrator answers:

The voice app only uses data on your phone. Someone you are texting will have to have the same app to recieve a voice text. Digitally encoded voice doesn’t use much data.
Transfering HD video files uses the most.
It also depends on how big the texts are.

You can experiment and try it for one month, keeping track of what you are doing, as far as the total count of texts, and such like what I mentioned already, to see what it will cost you in the long run.

Mary asks…

Can I use Google Voice on the EVO with out the phone being activated with sprint?

I have a HTC EVO for sprint and i havent activated it yet. So it has no number and no coverage. All i have is some data from WiFi. I was wondering if i can use the Google Voice to recieve incoming calls even though that phone is not currently activated?

Administrator answers:

Answer is no (at the moment at least). The only way to make outgoing Google Voice calls outside of a land/cell line is via Google Talk or Browser (via Gmail) at the moment. Google Voice on Android merely initiates a cellular call using your Voice number as the point of origin.

My guess is that this is in the works. They just launched the ability to make calls via Gmail and Talk so my guess is that they will add WiFi/3G calling at some point.

Mandy asks…

Linking Land line to ring to my cell phone using google voice?

I would like to link my office phone to my cell phone. When the office phone rings I want the call to also come to my cell phone. If I cannot change the office number, but I have google voice, how can I do that?

Administrator answers:

Forward your phone to your google voice.

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