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Your Questions About Google Voice

August 6, 2013

Sharon asks…

Why does Google Voice use up my minutes?

I just got a T-Mobile prepaid phone with very few minutes, but a lot of internet. I did this purposely so I can use Google Voice to place calls. Apparently, Google Voice has been using up my minutes. What do I do? Is there a setting on my phone I can adjust?

Thank You!

Administrator answers:

Update google voice
then check again

Carol asks…

how to use google voice with the iphone?

My wife just got the iphone for work. She has her normal cell phone. She wants to use the iphone as her main phone, her work is limiting her to 200 text messages per month, i know with google voice she can send free text messages, but i don’t really know the best way to use google voice to solve my problem. Problem being: use the iphone as both her work and personal and still get around the text message thing. I hope that makes sense.

Administrator answers:

Have her download the text free app, it works wonderfully.

Donna asks…

Does Google Voice only work through wifi?

I downloaded the google voice app onto my iPhone, but it’s set up online so that the calls are forwarded to my cell phone number. If I’m on the go and people call my google voice number, does the call get forwarded if I don’t have wifi?

Administrator answers:

Yes if you are not in a wi-fi and you set your Google Voice calls to foward to your iphone phone number then it would use your monthly internet data plan from your cell phone carrier.

James asks…

How does Google Voice really work?

What is Google Voice? Like what is the point of it? I had an invite and I signed up, I only have one cell phone, no house or work phone? what things can I do with it ? it says is free, does that mean I’m not using cingular minutes ? can someone explain to me how this really works? the purpose of this? what can I do ? can I add my husband number on my account ? how does it work?

Administrator answers:

The oringinal purpose of Google Voice is this:
You get a GV phone number, say 123-4567.
Your cell phone is 444-4444 and your home landline is 555-5555 and your work number is 666-6666. If someone calls 123-4567 it will ring 444, 555, and 666.
So, you see, you only need the GV number for the rest of your life. Change cell phone providers and your friends don’t need to know that you have a new cell phone number. Just change it in GV and it will ring your new number.
The service also allows free long distance calling, but it’s only free from a home landline.
I tried to get friends interested in GV, but they just didn’t care. Basically, no one wants to go to the hassle of telling people to start calling this new 123 number. I think this service ain’t going to be doing a whole lot for you.

Susan asks…

Can you use ur Text Free iPad number for Google Voice?

I want to use Talk a tone on my iPad but it says I need a Google Voice number. For google voice you need a phone number. The only number i have is my text free number. Would this work?

Administrator answers:

It should work. When you signup it could call or text to verify the number. Tell google voice it is a cell phone and have it text.

George asks…

Does google voice on gmail charge if you upgrade your accout?

I started using the free version of google voice on gmail. It offered to upgrade me to where i can make a permenant number, voicmail, txt etc. Do they charge you to upgrade seperately, do they do it through your phone carrier if you give them your number or do they not charge you at all (i dont care about making international calls)

Administrator answers:

Well the call made by google with in US and canada are free for the year 2010 only…so u wont b charged if u make call in US and canada in 2010

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