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Your Questions About Google Voice

August 10, 2013

Jenny asks…

Is there a Google Voice app for Android and how does it work?

Is there a Google Voice app for Android OS?

And how does it work, particularly as far as SMS is concerned.

Will the app/widget alert me when I get new text messages?

Administrator answers:

Well Android is by google, so yes.

Your calls and texts get routed to your phones just as they would normally, as long as you don’t have do not disturb turned on.

It has 2 widgets, an inbox and a settings widget

Charles asks…

If you use Google Voice, does it use your cell phone minutes?

I keep hearing google advertising google voice as a way to get cheap calling, but how can this be, isn’t it still using the cell phone towers from whatever service you have(AT&T/Verizon, etc?) Basically what I’m asking is if I switched to google voice could i then lower my calling plan to a very low amount of minutes and then not have to pay much for cell service or does it still use my cell’s service?

Administrator answers:

At this time, Google Voice is a free service. But realize that it’s mainly a phone forwarding service. Many are thinking that when it’s said that Google Voice is free, that includes free calling on their cell phone plans, or that minutes are not charged on their cell phones, and that just isn’t true. Your cell phone plans will continue to function just as they did without Google Voice. There are some ways around some of that with favorites lists, but that’ dependent on the cell provider.

The main benefit I’ve seen personally is that now I can call my long distance relatives via my home phone by dialing through GV and that won’t get charged as a long distance call. If I were to just dial directly with my home phone, I would be charged long distance. That also transfers the minute usage for that on my cell phone off of there, meaning I can move to a more economical prepaid cell phone if I choose. I don’t do any international calling, but when I started, free calling had been limited to the continental US. I believe they’ve since opened up free calling to Canada (unfortunately, still not free to Alaska, Hawaii, or the US territories as far as I know).

Betty asks…

What’s so significant about Google Voice as an iPhone app?

It was significant enough for Apple to block it, Google to get royally upset about that block, and consumers to get mad that they couldn’t get it.

But what exactly would Google Voice as an iPhone/iPod Touch app be able to do that’s so special that it warrants all the fuss?

Administrator answers:

Google Voice provides the user with their own phone number that you can attach to six (6) other phones.

I use Google Voice, I switched from my iPhone on AT&T to a Droid on Verizon. When I got my phone number from Verizon, I basically tossed it away, I don’t need it and for a year now, I don’t even know my own number from Verizon… Instead, I use only my Google Voice account.

The reason is that I always have my voicemails transcribed and emailed to me. They show as “visual voicemail”, and I don’t even have a text messaging plan, I get unlimited and free text messaging through Google Voice, the catch is that I have to have a data plan. Again, I get unlimited calling minutes to anywhere, anytime within the United States, Canada and Mexico, I only pay 2 cents a minute calling Europe, this means that I don’t have to pay Verizon for outrages international calling.

Mary asks…

Smart TV voice control feature and Google voice command are same?

I am using Google voice command feature in my laptop and mobile too but now it’s coming in TV also? I got to know that LG had introduced this in their future TVs?

Administrator answers:

No, both are different. Basically Google voice search is for searching web content but LG voice search will not only allow users to search the web and TV apps but also navigate through the smart interface.

Lizzie asks…

Are the Google Voice invites on Ebay legit?

I have been waiting a long time now for google voice, but i have seen some invites on ebay for like $2…. Are these real and work or are they scams? Personal experience would be great.

Administrator answers:

Have you signed up to be invited, if not do so. Then wait. In a couple of month you might be invited. As Google voice has less bugs you will probably get invited. Or it will come out of beta.

Thomas asks…

I just installed google voice to my android and I can’t figure out how to call people?

Its only telling me about my voicemail and how to set it up. How do I get to a dial pad so I can call people using my google voice number? I recieved a text message from google voice saying i will manage my voice mails for me but thats all. Please help I need this.
what is the google voice number?

Administrator answers:

You have to call the google voice number from your phone, enter your pin, press 2, then enter the number.

EDIT: the google voice number is the phone number you chose to be as YOUR new “google” number.

James asks…

can i hook my phone up to my computer and use google voice to call people?

can i hook up my phone to the back of my computer with google voice to make calls? if so how do i set up google voice? is it free? and do i hook the phone up to the ethernet port or the line port?

Administrator answers:

and no…

Google voice requires that you have phone service, or a gizmo5 account… It is not a phone service, but it supplements the service that you currently have…
It can be linked to up to 6 different phones – cell phone, landline, voip (as long as you have a DID), and gizmo5 accounts…

You can use your PC to make calls with your GV number by using the click to call function.. You log into the GV website, and enter the number you want to call with your GV number, then check the phone that you want to talk to the person on, GV will call you on your phone, then call the person that you want to talk to… This can also be accomplished by calling into your google voice number, and pressing 2….

John asks…

When making a free call on google voice will it show up on my phone bill?

I called someone from google voice and it was free would it show up on my phone bill?

Administrator answers:

No, i get free weekend calls on my phone package and they don’t list any of the calls i make, i assume google will be the same

Paul asks…

Can someone explain to me what Google Voice does?

Can someone explain to me exactly what’s the purpose of Google voice? I tried signing up but it requires me to verify a phone number… so what exactly is the benefit of already having (1) phone number and then getting a google voice number? I don’t have numerous lines to use the feature of google voice calling all 3. I only have one phone line. I already have unlimited texts but only 100 calling minutes… will I be allowed more calling minutes through google voice?

Administrator answers:

The main benefit of Google Voice is the one you say you don’t need – to have one phone number ring multiple different phone lines. The idea is that you sign up and they give you a phone number, which you can attach multiple phone numbers to. So, when someone calls your Google Voice number, your home phone and cell phone both ring, for example. It’s basically a call forwarding service.

And no, Voice won’t give you more minutes.. When someone calls your Voice number, Google calls you, so it’s still a phone call.

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