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Your Questions About Google Voice

August 12, 2013

Charles asks…

How to use google voice search like Siri?

I have an android 4.1 Jelly bean. I looked on the internet and saw people using google voice search like Siri. So i tested mine out but when i ask questions it just searches on google. I asked what’s the weather like? But it just searches google. I want mine to respond and tell me what’s the weather like. Like Siri. Please help

Administrator answers:

Talk to it

Helen asks…

I started to use Google Voice on my phone, but I don’t want it anymore, how to stop it?

I have an EVO 4G and I wanted to do the trial of Google Voice or something, but I hated it so I uninstalled it, but it’s still doing the text to voice with my voicemail. How do I stop it?

Administrator answers:

Go to, log in with your account, go to settings, and there should be a big link that says “Deactivate Google voice-mail on this phone”. Click that, select your carrier, then put whatever you need to into your phone (probably just *73).

When you initially enabled GVoice, the instructions had you dial a number which enabled no answer/ignore call forwarding to your GV number (or GV’s access number), now you need to ‘Un-forward’ it by hitting *73 call on your phone.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll most likely have to contact your carrier and ask them to cancel the Conditional Call Forwarding (or give you the code to do it yourself).

Sandy asks…

Is it possible to have a google voice number while still having my us phone?

I don’t know if it’s possible but I thought if ask and see if maybe someone knows.

I’m looking to go to the uk for several months but I still want to keep my US Verizon iPhone with my original number and get a google voice number for when I’m in the uk to use for when I’m out there and to share with my friends in the uk but i still want to have my US number so when my friends in America can get a hold of me.

Is this option even possible?

Administrator answers:

That’s kind of the point of a Google voice number.

Nancy asks…

How to setup Google Voice outside the US?

How to setup Google Voice outside the US?

Administrator answers:

Google Voice only works in the US, sorry :(

Joseph asks…

Can I transfer my verizon number to google voice?

my cell phone that has my personal number (which is verizon) also has a another verizon phone number that is being forwarded to that same cell phone (the forwarded number is for my business). Could I transfer the forwarded number from verizon to google voice. Basically I am paying about 40 bucks a month for a service that google voice offers for free which is why I want to do it.

Administrator answers:

Sure just click on Google voice when you log in then
you will see “port” number.. (when you click on the number)

you half to pay to port though.. $20? I think? “one time fee”

you should be able to transfer the forwarded number (port it over)

then hook up that number to your cell phone.

I use Google voice “as” my phone service thanks to the obi202 :)
works great, no bill at all. Fax on it works to. (2 accounts) 2 email addresses so 2 numbers.


here is the obi202.. You can hook up a phone to it and it logs into google voice.

So the phone will “ring” (your Google voice number when someone calls it)

if you cancel your cell phone then you’ll have no bill at all :)

you can even have 1 phone for your personal number and the other phone for your business.

Plus you can access the voice mail using any computer that can log into your email.

$100 saved this month $1,200 next year saved :) 20 years $20,000 saved and so on.

You can use the number to dial from gmail direct or with the obi202 you can use a actual phone to call

you get 3 hours per call “unlimited calls” unlimited text, unlimited voice mail.
Download voice mail as mp3 file, free transcribed for you (edit its text to) (copy and past it) and you can email it and so on.

I know cell phones delete the voice mail after 2 weeks (no choice)
Google voices does not.. So that’s very handy especially for a business! If your on vacation or something or sick or.. Mourning the death of a loved one, and so on.

Regular “paid” cell phone service you will not get unlimited voice mail. Or download voice mail as mp3 file and so on.

For “Free” you get all the bells and whistles.
Sound quality is “Excellent” almost 100% perfect all the time.

As far as voice mail storage goes? I think its unlimited? I have yet to hit a limit on how many and “how long” it stores it in the system..

Way better then a cell phone “oh its free to” :)

I know its a call forwarding service but you can dial with just the one number
you click on the settings to forward calls to “google chat” witch is its self.
And then you can call using the obi202 or on gmail directly with a headset and mic

then you can play the voice mail right from google voice, download as mp3, email as attachment, read the text, copy and past the transcribed text and so on.

You can call your number and check the voice mail that way as well
+ from the obi202 you can call the number (your own) and check the voice mail that way as well if the computer is down, not on and so on.

Had google voice as my phone service for a few years now works great!

Free calls are usa and canada only :(

gets better if you change your email address you can “port over” your google voice number to the new email address! (just so you know) I did this once with no problem.

Sound quality is excellent if their is a problem its always the “other” persons phone.
If 100% is perfect Google voice sound quality is 99.5 or 99.9% so its very high.

Whatever equipment they got it works beyond excellent for “free”

Carol asks…

Why can you dial out on iPad using Skype but not Google Voice?

If I try and dial out using Google Voice app from within ipad, it doesn’t work. Wondering why Skype seems to dial out but not Google Voice. I’m sure it’s something big and obvious, so thanks!
***Bijaykrishna–What does that have to do with Google Voice? NOTHING. Can I vote worst answer?

Administrator answers:

Don’t know what’s wrong with your iPad but you can download fresh software from here and try again. I hope it will work fine.

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