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Your Questions About Google Voice

August 17, 2013

William asks…

Can I use google voice with an iPad Mini?

I’ve decided that i am going to start to save for one. Can i use google voice without Wifi+Cellular?

Administrator answers:

Google voice requires Wifi or Cellular

Linda asks…

Are there any other free phone services like Google Voice?

I have Google Voice or Google Talk, whatever you wanna call it. Due to my own circumstances, Google Voice has been rendered useless and I need another free talking app that allows me to create my own phone number. Are there any like that that allow me to either make my own phone number or at least choose the area code? That’s the only feature that matters to me!
Thank you so much!

Administrator answers:

You may try Skype or It is very similar to Google Voice and it gives you similar options to choose from. You may actually get another phone number too. VoxOx is another option. And if you just want a number and have a smartphone like Android or iPhone, you may get a number using an app like Text+.
Hope it helps you.


Jenny asks…

What kind or how can I do to connect a physical phone that I can use with google voice?

I mean a phone like skipe as example, I not really a expert and maybe the question seems stupid, but I just want to make some calls without yelling at the computer speakers, again I not an expect but I guess it could be possibly??, I just want use it with google voice since there’s a free service, so far it have work for me but again is there a chance to connect somehow a physical phone, I saw some “so call” internet phones in e-bay and such, but I not sure, because my lack of knowledge, if is what kind the phone will be? how to do it?? do you think is worth?? please be explicit, and all commentaries and advises are welcome an encouraged
thank you for your time

Administrator answers:

A USB phone or USB phone interface will work.

Thomas asks…

Using my regular cell phone number with Google Voice?

Hi. I’m interested in trying out Google Voice and just requested an invitation. I’m curious about one thing though: If I get a Google Voice number, will I need to tell everyone that I changed my phone number? Or will people still be able to call my current cell phone number to reach me as though nothing changed?

Administrator answers:

Yes, you will be able to recieve calls on your cell number as planned.

If you recieve a call via google voice, what happens is it calls google, and google calls you with them on the line. The same is vice versa when you go to and place a call. Your cell phone does not actually take on a new number.

Any phone calls you make from your cell phone will appear as your cell number. The only way you can send calls using your google voice number is through a google voice app on your cell phone, or placing a call via

For any other questions about google voice, you can check their very detailed but simple video FAQs at, or by visiting their text based FAQ section at

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