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Your Questions About Google Voice

August 24, 2013

Robert asks…

Is there anything similar to google voice?

Something that is a free service that gives you your own number. If not, when can I use Google voice?

Administrator answers:

I would have to say “Skype”. Its pretty much the same thing isn’t it. And you can actually get an iPhone app for Skype.

Sharon asks…

What are some free services similar to Google Voice?

What are some good services that are similar to google voice that are free? any help appreciated!

Administrator answers:

Whoa dude… Our avatars have the same face and background lol. Trippy.

David asks…

Will Google call me if i set up a google voice?

I’m planning to set up a google voice but it requires my mobile phone number. If any problems occur will Google call my phone number? Will they call to make sure i’m me as i sign up for google voice?


Administrator answers:

A person will not phone you, anything you get will be computer generated and automated, you may get a text message for verification. They will not sell your number to other companies or use it for sales.

Susan asks…

Does google voice use my phone minutes?

I have google voice on my ipod touch, and when i call someone, it routes through my cell phone. Does this use my minutes?

Administrator answers:

It uses data, and a lot of it, but not minutes.

George asks…

Can I port my Google Voice number to Sprint then back to Google Voice?

The google voice number was originally a Sprint number.

Administrator answers:

You can have google voice number being forwarded to your sprint and then to any number you like. I am not sure about google let you walk away with their number since it’s a free service and you dont own that number

Joseph asks…

Is google voice free when I travel to Europe?

I’m going to London tomorrow. I have AT&T service. If i want to make outgoing calls, can i call my google voice number and call whatever number I want for free? When I pick up incoming calls from my google voice will it be free as well? THANKs

Administrator answers:

It will be free from google but hey u”l still be charged for the roaming,be careful it can be very high.Even google will be free still u will/can be charged for incoming and outgoing both with high roaming rates.Just ask ur AT&T service support for all the info.

Paul asks…

Why can’t I log into google voice I already have a google account?

Ok so I already have a gmail account and I downloaded google voice and it says I need to log in with my gmail account but when I do that it says “log in failed, you dont have a gmail account” and I try logging into my gmail account thru the Internet to see if it worked and it did. Just not with google voice. What’s going on?

Administrator answers:

You need to reset your password

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