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April 21, 2012

David asks…

2002 Audi A6 ***Please Respond***?

I am a 17 year old teenager and I am interested in an Audi A6 2002, with 69,400 miles on it. I have 3 questions to ask:

1. Since my school is only 2 miles away, I’ll only drive about 5 miles each day atleast. So based on that, I won’t really drive the car that much, would the maintenance cost be bad if I don’t drive it that much???

2. How‘s the insurance on this car, cheap or expensive???

3. Is it worth getting this car as a teenager cause I know that Japanese cars like Toyota, Honda, or Nissan are really good???

Please don’t ignore this, give me your best opinions, especially for you people who acutally own an Audi. Thanks…..

Administrator answers:

Driving that short of distance is very bad for you car.

I would not recommend an A6 for a 17 year old. I would actually stay away from European cars all together until your finances increase. The Germans make the best driving cars but, VERY high maintenance costs and they do break down on occasion, especially one with 60+ miles on it . Your due for many service soon, such as coolant flush, timing belt, trans service, break flush, etc..

If you have you heart set on an Audi or even BMW/Mercedes get one with lower millage and certified pre-owned.

I own an 2002 A4 that i bought with 32k on it, it was Audi certified. (2 year/or 50k B-to-B warranty included, with road side assist).

For your age a Honda or Nissan would be great (4 cyl). It you like the the great handling and fit and finish of the Germans you may want to consider a Mazda also. Toyotas are great too, but very boring to drive.

Hope that helps!

Donna asks…

Its hard letting go… even when its just to your old car. (I feel like a murderer)?

The first car my parents ever had was a plymouth grand voyager minivan. They bought it when we were kids, during an era when gas was cheap and bigger was better. Although it was never anything at all fancy, I remember how mom and dad gleamed as they drove their family vehicle off the lot. Right up untill I grew up, it took our family on all our vacations. I remember as a teenager, I would drive it kind of hard but it always kept on going and never left us stranded. So many miles and memories both good and bad were had in it.

Last week, my car broke down and I needed one to go out of town. My parents lent me there car. The van they had saved from my childhood and had continued to use everyday. Sure enough, I got into an accident and the insurance company wont offer much for it. My parents have decided theyd rather just get a new one.

Its stupid, but I get a very uneasy feeling knowing I killed it and that its now sitting forloren in a scrapyard. Yesterday my perents went to collect there things from it. Mom sat in the front seat and cried as she said goodbye to it for the last time. The whole thought just gave me a very sick feeling. I wish i could just keep that old hunk of metal. But being in collage, I obviously cant.

So yeah, you can say its just a thing and I know that, but I wonder how many other people have had something like this happen to them.

Administrator answers:

I totally understand! In a way, it was a rite of passage, kind of like saying goodbye to your childhood memories since you had so many happy memories with it and then drove it yourself, too. My old roommate had, get this…an ARIES K Car that she drove during college and cried for two days when she had to scrap it after it “died”. So you are not alone in your dorkiness. I also remember watching my childhood vehicle drive away down the street after my dad sold it. People like us are just sentimental and there is nothing wrong with that. Good question, I enjoyed your story :)

Daniel asks…

Why would some people say New York City isn’t a good place to raise a child?

I’m not sure who drew up these weird rules of what the ”ideal” place to raise a child is. I’m not saying every city is ideal, but not every suburban or rural place is exactly either. One thing I always hear over and over is safety. Unless someone believes what they here in Hollywood, they’d realize cities like NYC, Boston & Chicago are very safe. Someone doesn’t have to be a cop to know how to read crime indexes rather than newspaper blogs and let in sink. New York City is ranked the 136th safest city with populations of at least 100,000, tied with Boise, Idaho. I hope that’s not ”intimidating.” Brooklyn is tied with Hartford, CT, a college town. You could see the links and sources provide on Wikipedia.

You may not own real estate (you may rent) or own an apartment with little property (therefore, low property taxes). You’d be able to afford private school (if that’s your preference). You wouldn’t need to own a car (helping save on not paying car insurance, car loans, wear and tear, gas, ect.). If you were from a suburb in Northern Jersey, if you opt’ed for the city instead you wouldn’t have to pay ridiculous property taxes. You’d have a cheap commute to work. Even if people have less children because of expense, there’d be so many children living in such a close proximity that they’d meet other kid’s as opposed to setting up ”play dates” on a cul-de-sac.

There’s pros and cons to everything. Besides space though (if that’s what someone desires – although it’d be more costly), everything seems to be leaning into the favor of the city. They’d be able to get around as a teenager without you having to chauffeur around everywhere. Wouldn’t it be more ideal to be able to see lots of different cultures first hand? Now just people from all over the world, but all over your country too. 85 percent of people don’t look the same. Not everyone comes from the same background.
You mention ”creeps.” On a suburban cul-de-sac, when no one’s outside, if a couple of kid’s are out on the street and a guy in an Ice Cream Truck asks them if they want to jump on there’s a chance no one will see. With people around everywhere – not to mention a higher cop-to-person ratio, it’d seem like those ”creeps” would have a much less likely chance of getting away with it.

Terrorist attacks is a legitimate concern, but if you were to live in a suburb and commute to New York City, like so many do, the parents would be equally as vulnerable. If it were biological, everyone in the city and nearby suburbs would be screwed. Ironically (and I say that due to higher stress level and pollution), New Yorkers (or New York residents) average a life expectancy of 2 years above the average of the country. People have closer and quicker access to hospitals, doctor offices, clinics, ect. There’s also a larger variety of foods at different stores within walking distance of where you live
You’d also be more custom to walking everywhere which provides exercise. You wouldn’t be lonely and would have a better chance of meeting someone too.

Administrator answers:

Cause some people just can’t wrap it around their little itty bitty minds that other people kids aren’t theirs and that the rearing of other kids is noneof their business. These people are tarts.

James asks…

Why won’t my mom dump him?

So, my mom dated this guy who, at first, seemed really cool. They dated for a while, and got really serious, Well, then my mom got pregnant. Here’s her first mistake(I don’t consider the pregnancy one, because I love my baby sister): She paid the mofo to live with her. PAID HIM. Here’s her second: She paid for all of his crap, like his car insurance.

The guy is an @$$HOLE. First off, he tells her she’s ugly, and he won’t marry her. SHE HAD HIS BABY, AND HE LIVES WITH HER, BUT HE WON’T MARRY HER. He always comments about how “imperfect” her body is. Second, he hates ME. He tried to get my mom to take away everything(my guitars, my phone, my computer, ect.) because he feels like all teenagers are lazy, especially me, and we don’t deserve anything. Well, teenagers ARE lazy, but I get good grades, I’m in honors classes in school, plus in an advanced math class for my grade. Not only that, but I DO what my mom tells me to do, and I get all of my things done. He told my mom not to say my name around him. WTF?? I can hear him saying horrible things about me all the time, and trying to get my mom to punish me when I’ve done NOTHING WRONG(for example, I was playing my ukulele, in my room, and he was watching tv in the room next to me. My mom came in and told me to stop because it was too loud, so I did. He tried to get her to ground me for that) And this morning, he yelled at me for eating breakfast. WTF?? Not to mention he doesn’t work. He stays home with the baby while my mom supports our family, doesn’t clean for her or anything, just sits on his fat @$$ and watches tv with the baby. My mom has even said that daycare would be cheaper than taking care of him. He’s a total control freak to my mom, and he’s an @$$hole to me, so why the frick doesn’t she leave him?

Administrator answers:

It sounds like she really just wants her baby to have a daddy.

Sorry about your situation, he sounds like a total dick.

Charles asks…

mitsubishi eclipse 2006-present . .questions?

first off im 14 and i kno on some of my questions i said i was 16 but thats just to get yall to answer my questions!!
and i dont kno how to drive a stick . .just an automatic
i get my permit at 15 which is like in 3 months and my license when im 16
i live in houston where its extremely hot,no snow,and rains it good in the country? my dad lives in the country and his street is getting redid so right now its nothing but dirt and dust! theres no pavement

2. what insurance do you have? my family has farmers and ill prolly get that much do u pay for your insurance? i have a job and im either paying for the car note or insurance which ever one is cheaper u pay monthly or every 6 months?

5. i have lots of friends and im sure their are gonna need rides but i have a 4 year old neice in a 2 year old nephew and i was wondering if the rear seat is big enough to have 2 children in the back and 3 teenagers or maybe two teenager in the back at the same time? are the brakes on the mitsubishi eclipse?
i drive my dad’s jaguar xj8 and the breaks are soft . .its like the harder i push on the brakes the faster it will slow down . .and if i bearely push on the brakes they barely slow down . .my moms infiniti g35 does the same thing . .but i was driving my brothers nissan sentra and his brakes are hard like if i barely push on them the car stops really quickly!! . . i hate those kinda brakes so what kinda brakes does the mitsubishi eclipse have? old are you? and what year model do you have? and is this the best car u ever drove or your looking to trade it in or not impressed?
any tips u should tell me?

thanks plz answer these questions
i would really appreciate it . .thank u
and if your rude or mean or anything plz dont answer
and if ur a mitsubishi eclipse hater dont answer
and dont nag me about insurance!!!

Administrator answers:

It handles pretty good in the country. I have not had any problems with mine. Insurance all depends on where you live. My insurance is with Progressive and I pay 570.00 every 6 months. You are young, so it will probably be more. Insurance also looks at grades in school and male or female. Females are cheaper. As for the friends riding with you, if they are tall or even 5’6″ they will hit their head when you go over bumps when they sit in the back. It also has no leg room in the back seat. I have two teenage boys who hate to sit in the back. They are 5’8″ and 5’10″. I am in my mid 30s and have a 2006 Eclipse. I love to drive it, but would like to have something else for when I have my boys with me or go shopping. The trunk does not hold much. I love the power it has and the fact that it is a “semi-auto” as I call it. It is an automatic, or standard without the clutch. (I like to play) My friends who are taller than me hate it because it is made for shorter people in my opinion. I am 5’1″ and have no problems getting in and out. They seam to though as it sits low to the ground. I hope this helps.

John asks…

Ideas, please on how to save money/make more?

Can you help me figure out things financially, please? My husband and I feel like we’re stuck and falling behind, and we just want to get ahead.

Currently, I work from home and net $545 weekly (my husband nets $520 after taxes/insurance.) We don’t have to pay for child care because I work from home. My son is in school all year, but in the summer we will have to pay about $135 a week for full time care.

We just bought a house, and I need to switch jobs. I’m so stressed out I can barely even deal with my family after work anymore, because I’m working 55 hours a week in a job that is burning me out ridiculously (watching 4 kids under 4 all day with no adult interaction and no vacation/sick time.)

In the job market, it appears I’ll only be able to make $11-$12 an hour to start, and that’s a bit of a pay cut, PLUS adding the expense of childcare.

I’m trying to figure out what to do because I just need to change jobs.. I can’t do this much longer, but we can’t afford it.

Basically, we will be about $970 short every month if I make $11/hr and we have to pay day care.

Does anyone have ideas either for extra money, or for cutting bills?

Our MONTHLY bill payments are:
$1340 — mortgage
$420 in miscellaneous credit card/hospital bills (from when I was uninsured) payments
$800 monthly on groceries and gas for the cars
$540 day care
$120 cell phones
$160 on car insurance
$100 electric bill
$160 cable/internet/phone
$340 car payment #1 (I will be trading in to get something cheaper once I find another job; this was a payment on a mini van which i will no longer need if I stop taking kids)

$390 car payment #2 (we can’t switch this — we are in too much debt with this car to trade it.)
$230 gas bill (which should drop drastically in the summer.)

Any ideas on how to save money or make extra money? I’ve applied to every single nights/weekends part time job I can find, and I think people are reluctant to hire me because I’m not a teenager.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, in the tough times we’re all in, jobs with good salaries are hard to come by. $11 is a nice way to start off if you’re a beginner, but I understand that it is not enough every week. You could consider selling items in your spare time such as beauty kits, makeup, etc. From your own home, along with working another job.
As to cutting down bills, I may be able to give you some advice.

First of all, I’ve heard that the monthly mortgage should be around 30% of your monthly net income ideally. Your mortgage is pretty close to that (if my calculations make sense) so that’s a good start.

Credit cards: very hard to pay off if you’re not making enough or just barely have enough to survive on. Check all of the cards’ interest rates and slowly pay off the interest rate that’s highest. In the situation you’re in, you might want to consider cutting down on using credit cards, or just living on cash alone. Living on cash is a sure-fire way to pay off your debts and keep you focused and living frugally. However, by living on cash, that does not mean to constantly borrow from family and friends and take from credit cards! Big no-no.

Hospital bills: try to pay them off quickly. They’re the equivalent to credit cards if the bill has a high interest rate.

Groceries and gas: since you grouped gas and groceries together, I can’t help you much on this one. Try budgeting groceries to no more than $100 a week. Use coupons, don’t over indulge (don’t buy a $50 triple chocolate cake that’s made from german chocolate that can barely feed one person), only buy items on sale (some items don’t go on sale regularly like baby formula) if possible, go to stores like wal-mart, target, etc.. Instead of jewel and whole foods (unless eating organically is really important to you). Try walking to places, riding bikes, taking public transportation, etc. To save on gas. Also, don’t travel 20 miles to go shopping for clothes, food, etc.. If there’s a perfectly reasonable store closer by and nearer to your home. Marshalls (discount clothing store that sells brand names) is a great and cheap place to shop instead of going to the mall.

Cell phones: My family has 3 cell phones in usage and our monthly total is only $90 a month or less. There are family plans and pay as you go phones available that don’t cost much.

Cable/Internet/Phone: All I have to say is that not everybody needs 200+ channels available to them, plus showtime, HBO, and etc.

And that’s pretty much all the advice I can give. I hope it all works out for you! :) Live the life that makes you happy and not overly stressed.

Steven asks…

How do i get my license back in Texas? best answer 10 points?

My license got suspended on the 17th of this month. I got it suspened because I was invovled in a accident where i was the driver. The guy that backed up to me was in a cheap ugly old grand marquis like1980 and there sueing me for like 4000 and nothing happened to the guy when he backed into me it just dented his bumper. He was an old man like 70-80 years old could bearly hear and talk and see. He shouldn’t have been driving and they hired an lawyer to hang me out to dry. And so he did because the DPS in Texas sent me letters that they where contacted by the man’s attorney and they had told them I didn’t pay the what they wanted because i’m a teenager I can’t just come up with 4000 in a couple of months and they won’t allow me to make payments to begin to pay it off slowly. And more damage was done to my car and i didn’t sue i just turned the car into the dealership (the damages and parts were over 5000 to fix) I want it back and the car had insurance?
yes the car had insurance and we sent a copy of the policy to the DPS but they still suspended it.
my car had insurance I turned in the car because i only had liablity not full coverage! Maybe instead of looking into the question with negative thoughts in your head already because im a teen you would think maybe she didnt have full coverage. (meaning they only pay for the other persons damages) we gave them a copy! I’m not asking for rude answers. They didn’t even get my side of the story just his.

Administrator answers:

You aren’t going to get an answer until you tell the rest of this story, you’re leaving something out.

If someone backed into you it would be their fault, and their insurance would be paying you. On the other hand, if it’s found to be your fault and the car had insurance, the insurance would have paid and you wouldn’t be getting sued.

If your insurance said it isn’t your fault, and didn’t pay, and the other person is going to sue, your insurance would provide you with legal coverage.

In either of those circumstances, the state would not take your license, and you never have to send the state a copy of your policy.

So tell the truth here and what you are leaving out, so you can get the answer.

Added: And again, if you had insurance that would pay for the other person’s damage, the state would not take your license. And they don’t care if you didn’t have collision on your own car, they don’t take your license for that either.

Come on, give us the real story if you want an answer. Maybe you really don’t want one?

Ruth asks…

Are you against reasonably priced health care in the USA?

lets be very specific in what we say, so thats its more than spewing ideology or talking points.

I know of a few people who are in the following circumstances.

1) Someone needed a root canal and I believe sat in the dentist chair for less than 2 hours and the bill was $900. Is this reasonable health care to you? Specifically, what can we do as a society to have such a procedure cost no more than $300 to a citizen?

2) I know of 2 different couples that have health insurance for families of 3. The insurance coverage is less than great as there are copays and low coverage on vision and so so coverage on pharmaceuticals. Yet, between the amount that the employers pay, and that is taken out of the checks of the both instances, the total amount being paid to the insurance companies involved as premium are in excess of $17,000 a year. Thats right, the employee and the employer combined pay over $17,000 a year in premiums to cover 3 people. Everyone is in good health, but the parents are all between 40 and 50 and the children are teenagers. What can we do as a society if we want to have a family of 3 as in my example pay no more than say $5,000 a year for their health insurance.

I am looking for practical solutions. Please don’t tell me that its impossible to get premiums to around $5,000 a year total for a family of 3, because nothing is impossible, you just have to care enough and want to really solve the problem.

I also know some of you are going to still insist on repeating some so called solutions without really explaing how those solutions will exactly significantly reduce costs of health care and health insurance. Some of you will think its only one or 2 things that need to be done. I think its several things that have to be done, and the combination of all can get us significantly cheaper costs that citizens and employers have to pay.

Some of you will insist to just let the market decide, well…what if the market is not working and gets way too expensive for the people for whatever reason, are we married to that path even when health insurance costs on an annual basis as much as it costs to buy luxury car?
no one has given a solution that will bring those premiums significantly down to about $5000 though.

Some good ideas, but all they do is maybe get us down to about $12,000.

so how do we make the real significant change?
but one thing that is significant so far is that it seems the very existence of insurance companies adds to the cost of heatlhcare. I think I agree. I have been told also that its one price cash say $100 or $170 using insurance. Maybe we can solve that.

I also do agree that the illegals are a partial cause as well. While some tort reform is needed I dont think you can do enough conscionable tort reform to make a significant impact. I dont see how you tell a family that their father that was killed by a doctor’s negligence or a hospital’s negligence is only worth $200,000 or that the loss of your right arm is worth no more than $50,000. I think this is a pipe dream ….making such changes would be unamerican.

Administrator answers:

I am against government take over of health care. The problems are as follows:
1) College tuition goes up every year far ahead of people’s salaries. With 12+ years of schooling, doctors need to pay off hundreds of thousands in student loans with ludicrous interest rates. Universities need to stop being greedy.
2) If something goes wrong, even if it’s not the doctor’s fault, people sue for millions and win. So they have to pay over 100K in malpractice insurance. TORT reform is required here.
3) Some hospitals charge outrageous prices to make up for their care of illegal immigrants who can’t be refused but can’t be found to pay the bill.
4) If insurance companies were allowed to compete nationwide, the competition would reduce prices.

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