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May 21, 2012

William asks…

If I get added on to my parents insurance what happens?

1. I have a few questions I am a new driver and my parents were suggesting that i get added onto their insurance because it would be cheaper. (I live in Canada)
So my question(s)
-Is that true that its cheaper
-Also If i get a ticket or into a accident would it be on their record or mine and will they be contacted?
-If I was going to get a car how would that work? Would they say that it is their new car and I just get added onto their policy for that car?
Yes I do know that I cannot buy my own insurance but my parents can buy insurance just for me and I don’t have to get added to their policy but I heard that would be more expensive then getting added on.

Administrator answers:

If your under 18 you don’t really don’t have a choice you cant buy car insurance. You have to be an adult to enter into a contract which is what car insurance is.

Donald asks…

how do i get my dad to let me get my drivers license?

I’m 17 H.S. senior taking a class at college for credit. I need my drivers license. My dad says not untilI have a 3.0. my mom drives me.
My dad refuses to let me untill i get a 3.0 because insurance is $200 cheaper a year. I am willing to pay $200 a year but my dad still refuses. I need my license to get me to high school, college and my two jobs. the issue is not about money. He has enough money to pay cash for a brand new car right now but wont.

Administrator answers:

Show him that you are responsible…

Betty asks…

How Much Will My Insurance Go Up?

I am a new driver. 16 years old and have had my license for a little over 2 months. My insurance now is around 75$. Last week, I backed into my friends car denting her car door. I am wondering if I should not deal with the insurance and just pay her the money for the repair or should I have my insurance cover it and have my insurance go up. How much do you think my insurance will go up being my age with this. It obviously wasn’t a big accident but would it be cheaper for me to repay my friend or get the insurance to deal with it? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Car doors can be expensive depending on the amount of damage. I recently saw a a large dent in a older Ford that I thought could be fixed for around $250 but the insurance company gave the owner $1550 for the damage.
When my daughter was 18, she damaged a car door, around $500 and her insurance jumped from $550 per quarter to $750 per quarter, that’s $800 per year and it lasted until she turned 25.
If you report the damage to the insurance company, you definitely go to a higher risk and you need to avoid this if you can afford it. If I were you and the damage was less than $1000, then I would pay it and not report it.

Lizzie asks…

Insurance company won’t let me upgrade to Fully Comp. Why not?

Hey Guys,

I’m a new driver (23 yo) who has a 3rd party fire & theft policy under Kwik Fit Insurance. I went for this policy pretty much because it was the cheapest because I’d spent all my money on the car, haha!

After a couple of months I’ve finally managed to sort my finances out and I’m ready to upgrade to fully comp. I drive around 30 miles a day to work and back and would just like that little extra knowledge that incase anything does happen.

So I email KwikFit (who take 2 weeks to get back!!) to ask them what the deal is. How do I do this?

To my dismay, I got the following email back:

“In response to your email, I can confirm that your policy can only be
upgraded if you are making another permanent change to your policy eg a
change of vehicle/address/driver, alternatively your policy would need to
be replaced to another insurer.”

Are they within their rights to do this? Surely upgrading to fully comp means an extra wad of money from me monthly?

Thanks :-)

Administrator answers:

Time to get a better insurance company.
First off, two weeks is insane. My customers may wait two hours tops and that’s only in extreme circumstances. Secondly, you’re right. What carrier wouldn’t want to increase the coverages?
Third, if they are this difficult when you are trying to add coverage, what will they be like when you have to file a claim?

Daniel asks…

how much would my insurance be??

i wanted to get a used honda or new hyundai elantra..
im 18 y/o female and first time driver. whats a good insurance to join for teens like myself..hmmm? cheap ones? u agree with AIS?
location is san francisco, ca and of course i want to be fully covered, since im a first time driver. my dad has insurance for our family car. wud it be easy if i joined or get one for myself?

Administrator answers:

Your insurance will vary depending on where you live, what kind of car, and what coverage. It also depends on the state you live in. Best bet would be to hit a website like

Personally, I insure with Geico and have for many years. They’re reasonable and their claims department is AMAZING – I have nothing but GOOD things to say about them.


Good luck, and happy holidays! :D

George asks…

How do I convince my dad to get me a car?

So i am 15 and i just got my temps a few months ago! i really really want a car! my parents are divorced and my mom wants to get me a car but my dad doesn’t. It’d be unfair if my mom had to pay for all the car expenses! my dad says that insurance is like tripled for new drivers! at my school, 99% of the school has cars and some are pretty nice (BMWs, Range Rovers, Mercedes, etc)! i don’t need any cars like that but i do want a simple cheap sedan! please help me find ways i can convince my dad to get me a car

Administrator answers:


You can get a job or do extra chores in order to pay some of the car’s expenses. Remember, you need to pay for its insurance, gas, and maintenance.

James asks…

can some please help me ball-park how much it would cost for me to own a car?!?

So, I’m terrible with this stuff and I need help. I’m 17 and I’m a new driver in Calgary, Alberta. I’m a girl and I’ve taken a driving course which is supposed to lower my insurance. I want to get a cheap, reliable, fuel efficient, used car, I just need to know how much it will cost me for insurance and gas. If you can’t tell me, do you know a web site where I could find this stuff out?

Administrator answers:

Since it is your first car, i would recommend going underneath your parents insurance plan (if you can), it will be much cheaper like that.. You can spend anywhere from 1,000-5,000 (USD) on a reliable used fuel efficient car… I wouldnt spend more than that because its your first car and theres a chance u might ding it up a bit… Insurance can be found out at… They can give u a good evaluation

Thomas asks…

Need Help Here!!!?

I am 18 years old and i’m gonna be a new driver and the only one in my family to get my driver’s license..

Anyone know what the best and cheapest car insurance to get and how much will it be for one year for a teen and plus i am a new driver!!

Administrator answers:

Sorry, as a new driver under age 25 it’s going to be expensive no matter what. You can find the best for you in your situation though, by seeing an independent agent and having him search for the best deal.

Congratulations on getting your license.

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