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June 22, 2012

James asks…

A rough price of my insurance?

I was wondering how much will it cost for me to insure a 1.4-1.6L car.
I will be going on my fathers insurance
More information:
Has been a driver for 30+Years.
His last car was written off because a bus crashed into the back of him although he got accused of cutting out too late. (I won’t get in any details BUT it wasn’t his fault althoug he got blamed)
This was over 6years ago and he has a new car.
He has a 1.8Ford Focus Zetec Collection – £300-£400 Per 6month.
ALSO he was with e-sure for as long as I could remember, but I think he switched insurance company as he found it cheaper else-where.

How much will it cost me roughly for being a driver under his name?
I could pay up to £800 p.a I think.

I was also looking into 2003 Seat Leon 1.6 S and a MG ZS 1.6 110 5dr

(The MG looks sport because of the racing blue colour it has.. it looks like it has a bodykit, but I think its factory fitted, with the tinted windows.)
Yeah It only looks back in the 5 years I’m sure.
I think they made the car ‘written off’ and he scrapped it and got £2000 which he put into his Focus today.
A 1.6 Vauxhall Meriva looks interesting.

They are in Insurance Group 3, so I intend the insurance will be cheaper than usual cars?

Administrator answers:

Young male driver + sporty car = high insurance premium
the only thing that’s helping you is having it on your father’s policy instead of getting a policy of your own
the only way to know the price is to ask for a quote – every insurance company has different rates and the rates also depend on where you live
your dad can ask for a quote on adding different cars + you to his policy, that’s what the agent is for

BTW “it wasn’t his fault although he got blamed” doesn’t help from an insurance perspective – we’d need to know whom the insurance companies decided was at fault, and fault could be allocated to both parties, at least in some states in the US. But something that happened 6 yrs ago shouldn’t affect current premiums much if at all – most policies only look at the last 5 yrs history UNLESS you’re getting a “no accidents” discount, then they might look back further

Nancy asks…

What is the cheapest car to insure for first-time drivers?

I passed my test last November, and am looking to get a new car. However, every single car from Ford Fiestas and Vauxhall Corsas to Renault Clios and Citroen Saxos have come back for somewhere between £2500-£3000, even some ridiculous quotes maxing £5000. I’d even settle for somewhere in the region of £1000-£1500, and before you tell me, I know how expensive car insurance is… believe me. I’m 20 years of age and passed my test first time back in November if it makes any difference.

Administrator answers:

Do a site search of this question, it gets asked over and over again on here and the answer is…………….

There is no such thing as cheap car insurance for teenagers/new drivers. £2500 is a damn good quote, a lot of people get quoted a lot more for those cars.

Robert asks…

Making an Insurance Claim?

Someone backed up into my car and drove away today. A witness was able to get the license plate number for me. I just have questions about the inconvenience that I have to put up with now.

Do I have to pay my collision deductible even though the accident was her fault?
Does making a claim to my insurance company count against me? I’m a really good driver and I wanted to go years with no claims so my premiums would be cheaper.

Am I responsible for finding a place to do my autobody work? Do I have to find my own rental car as well when my car is getting fixed? I know I have the right SEF that gives me a rental car.

How long does it take until my car is fixed? This really bothers me…it’s a brand new car…only 2 months old!

What if for some reason the plate is wrong and they can’t find the person that hit me??

Administrator answers:

Do like me I got rear ended at a stop light got out of the car asked the guy if he was ok and if his car would start and we left… Fuck insurance

Paul asks…

What’s the most you or anyone you know has ever paid for car insurance?

I’m asking cuz I now pay close to 400/month… It’s like 396.

- I have 3 accidents on my record (from like 2 1/2 years ago, only one was my fault). however I found out that all of them were listed on my insurance as my fault. Found out the insurance companies automatically assign fault unless you produce proof otherwise. Now one of them I got hit from behind, so that’s easy to prove with police report. However, the other one guy ran red light and I hit his side. I think the police report has it as 50/50 fault since it really can’t be proven either way, it’s his word against mine who ran the light. Do you think I’ll be able to fight that one??? I’m gonna go down to the police headquarters and get the police reports over the next few days, just wondering… Also how much would that actually save me?

- My dad had a speeding ticket (90 in a 65) and he was listed as a second driver on my car, so that also brought it up. I’m going to remove him from my insurance since he rarely drives my car anymore, and has replaced his own car.

- I have the defensive driving discount already.

- I’m 26 years old female in NY. I drive less than 5 miles a day to work. And I drive a silver 2006 Saturn Ion in which I’m still making payments on, so I still have comprehensive.

Based on all that, do you think I can find cheaper elsewhere. Where should I loook??? I feel like whenever I try to switch companies they give me a great rate on the phone, than all of a sudden after like a month or 2 being with them, my rates suddenly increase cuz “they just found the accidents”.

I realize I don’t have the greatest driver history in the world, but 400 just seems outrageous. I know people who pay less than that a year. I was thinking of selling my car, and getting a cheaper one w/ no payments on it, which would rid me not only of my car payment, but I wouldn’t have to carry comprehensive anymore either. Problem is whatever I made from the car would have to go towards paying off the loan, and I would have no money to buy the new car… I feel so stuck, but I’m paying like 750/month between insurance/car payments, and I have a crappy job and can’t afford it.

Suggestions??? oh btw I use a local broker and autoone insurance
Can I please get a real answer/suggestions, not some stupid scam — no I do not wanna get a job in Pakistan… thanks for offering though :D
Oh btw I live on LI (about an hours drive from the city.) I’ve already used Geico in the past, and I’m pretty sure that’s the company I had at the time of accidents. Not 100% sure, as I’ve switched around a bit. I’ve always thought brokers were better since they do all the shopping around for you?

Administrator answers:

In regards to the 3 accidents. 1 you admit is at fault no reason to disuss that claim. The accident that you state the police report shows you as 50/50, it will be charged at fault as well (1% fault or higher you are at fault still ). For the 3rd accident where you were rear ended the police report is basically worthless. Police reports don’t prove fault or not at fault it is just proof of an accident. You’ll need proof from the insurance company that settled the claim to clear your fault status.

In regards to your father and his ticket. Is this for just 1 vehicle? If so don’t worry about him, he likely isn’t costing you a penny, your age/record will rate the risk high and your father will just be added on 2nd and have no premium increase for him likely.

In regards to rates quoted well up front and changing 1-2 months later. Stop shopping with brokers, they’ll often give you prices without completed information and when the inusrnace company reviews all details you get increases like you’ve seen. Get insurance directly with an agent or company.

What area of NY are you in? The closer you are to NYC the worse rates tend to be and I’ve often quoted customers in the NYC area in excess of 1,000 per month for 1 car so your rates are not uncommon. The company I work with isn’t very competitive in NY state let alone NYC so I can’t suggest that. However I worked with GEICO before and they were always good in NY and they still beat my rates in NY/NYC all the time. They also have rates to work with all risks of drivers. Also, they will be able to run all your pertinant reports when you are trying to purchase so you shouldn’t have any issues with rates changing 1-2 months later.

Just read that last note about the broker, I guess I was right. Avoid brokers they always cost more in the long run.

Last bit of advice, you stated your claims are 2.5 years ago? In NY surcharges usually are off your policy after 40 months so you don’t have much to go for your rates to start dropping. Companies can underwrite for your accidents for up to 5 years but generally it’s 36-40 months that they can surcharge for the claims.

You basically have 2 choices here, shop with more better companies to find a better rate and pay the high premiums until your record clears up. Or you can sell the car and wait which may not be worth while for you as well.

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