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July 26, 2012

Sharon asks…

I love my hubby but I have to divorce him?

Just married little over a year, have a 11 month munchkin with my husband, I love and care about him very much, but since we married, we are suffering extremely emotional and financial difficulties. My husband is a very good man he works hard tried to make a living did everything he could to Support me and our daughter but the Reality is, even he tried so hard nothing turn to good. He doesn’t have a stable job, he has no education, his parents won’t help him any shape of form etc etc. I spent all the money to help to pay off his credit card bills, I paid his emergency medical bills cause he doesn’t have insurance, I barrow the money from my brother purchased a house so we can have a place let little munchkin to crawl, I helped him when he couldn’t afford to pay the truck several times, we move 8times in a year cause of his job situation, I didn’t have my wedding ceremony cause I know he can’t afford it, I watch my daughter 24-7 since she was born, no body ever helped me any shape of form, all I asked from his parents is if they can watch their granddaughter a week so I can learn how to drive and go to work and help my husband but nobody care. Currently our house was cause on fire, until the insurance company get it fixed we need stuck ina cheap smelly motel etc etc I am just so tired of all those things, help one thing there is another, there are never be end to help somebody when you are in a relationship.

After a long live with my husband I start understand his situation and I can certainly have a conclusion of him and his life is he needs help both emotional and financial. Because his parents didn’t care about his education so he could not find a stable job, because his step mother abuse him so that cause he had bad marriage with older women, because nobody in his family really cares about him he needs find a Lovely wife to help support him everything, I can only do so much, now I am so very tired.

Should I just divorce him? We just married, we have a cutest daughter together, we love and care about each other. I just don’t know what to do, I know for a fact if I divorce him we can sell the house so at least I can leave him some money to help him start over, and yes to be a single much easier to be a father. I consider a divorce its because it might be the only way can help him.

* Please I am NOT a lazy person stay home spend every dime that my husband earned, but I am new here in America, no car, no driver’s licence, no body can help watch the baby, not really speak English, besides if I go to work let my husband stay home then 10$/hr job doesn’t help paying the bills.

Administrator answers:

When you got married, didn’t you say in your vows, for better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health? Listen, Mrs. Lady. You should understand that marriage is not easy. It takes a lot of work, but if you have given all that you can and you are not wanting to give anymore, at least have enough consideration for your family to sit down with your husband and tell him what’s on your heart and you two decide to part in a way where you can both be friends and give your child everything that he needs to be happy and healthy. Good luck.

James asks…

Classic Car As A Daily Driver In Michigan?

I’m a hot rod & kustom guy, have building and restoring old cars for awhile the looks of em and the feeling I get driving them, I’m opening up my own shop soon too. I drive a 2001 Grand Am GT and it’s about to die 190,000 miles needs tires, brakes, bearings, engines making noises but for the price I paid and miles I put on it, it worked well. Now I need a new daily drive to school 72 miles round trip 2-3 times a week. I live in Michigan, was wondering what it would be like to drive an classic car as a daily…say a 1958 Chevy Bel Air with a 283 motor…the insurance is cheaper, easier to fix and find parts..but may be more in gas…just wondering if anyone drives a classic everyday and how is it in the winter…I’d have to figure out heat some how.

I have many cars 1968 Caddy Deville on air bags, 1930 Model A Coupe hot rod, 1951 Mercury custom, 1956 Cadillac Deville…etc
I’d run regular plates, but do the antique/classic insurance, my insurance company doesnt set a mileage limit and I doubt I’ll have any problems I think I pay like $40 a month right now full coverage on my ’68 Cadillac Deville
I had a ’70 Monte Carlo restored it and customized it and made a $6,000 profit on it haha so I you sound a like girl who knows her stuff

Administrator answers:

Hey! I understand the need to drive a classic every day. When I bought my Dart Swinger, the original goal was to use it for a daily driver.

Unfortunately, the classic/antique insurance requirement for limited miles and for using the vehicle for recreation purposes/car shows put that idea away. I checked with all the major classic car insurance companies and they all have the same restrictions. I can drive just under 2000 miles per year. Can’t drive the car as a commuter; had to show full insurance on a “real” daily driver. Mine is a 2000 Grand Prix with 130K miles. By the way I have full coverage classic insurance on my Dart at $211 per year so it sounds like you are paying too much to me.

You appear to be a Chevy fan (love the 51 Merc though!) so maybe here’s an idea that would work for you. Find yourself a first gen Monte Carlo, say 1971-72 to get a good price. You can do any work that needs done. Parts are plentiful and cheap. These are so popular lowered and modified that you could easily sell it later for a profit. You’ll be driving a cool car, will have some heat and it’s not such a crime to bash up a ’70s era Monte Carlo as it would be for any of the Caddys you have.

Best of luck to you! Drive those classics whenever you can.

Lizzie asks…

What kind of car can I get for 5K!!!!?

Hi I am 17(male) in July and I am looking to buy a car for around 5K. I don’t want a banger or anything older than 2007/8. I was looking at the new shaped vauxhall corsa or new shaped clio or new shaped fiesta. Only answer if your from Britain and I dont want any answers saying I should just get a really cheap car (I wouldn’t be seen dead in an old banger- a would rather not drive at all if that was the case). Also I need insurance, no more than 2K. So any ideas- any free insurance deals? or should I get insured as a named driver and how much would that cost?

Administrator answers:

You should just get a really cheap car.

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