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Your Questions About How To Get Cheap Insurance For New Drivers

April 22, 2012

Linda asks…

How is cost u less insurance for a new driver?

I just got my license last week and plan on getting my first car next week. Im 19. Most likely I will get a used honda around the year 2000. The most ill spend on the car is $2000. So how much is the cheapest plan of cost u less insurance. And how much will I have to pay the very first time I sign up for it

Administrator answers:

The only Honda you will see for THAT price will be a beater that’s completely worn out. Get ready to spend LOTS and LOTS of money n it.

There wont be any money LEFT for ins.

Donna asks…

How come old people are charged cheap insurance?

I cant believe the insurance quotes i am getting for being a new driver, but all of these old people who are absolutely loaded pay hardly anything when it seems to be them who crash the most as when I was learning to drive some old woman wrote my car off because of her own stupid fault. I see old people always on the side of the road with a smashed up car from going into a lamp post or central reservation. They should at least be charged the same amount as a 17 year old. Do you guys agree

Administrator answers:

The relationship between age and driving behavior has interested highway safety researchers and administrators for many years. It is generally acknowledged that the greatest risk of traffic crashes is among teenage drivers. Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers across the United States. For both men and women, drivers aged 16 to 19 years of age have the highest average annual crash and traffic violation rates of any other age group. Click on the following links to get various nationwide crash statistics for teenage drivers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Carol asks…

New Driver With New drivers License?

I am a new driver and just got my new drivers license. what I need to is to get a lot of tips and information on how i can look for the best and cheap auto insurance.

Administrator answers:

An occasional driver would be better for you. Ask your parent(s) to have you on his/her insurance as an occasional or a second driver. Of course your parent(s) insurance premium will increase b/c you’re on it. Tell them you’d pay the difference. It’s alot cheaper than to go get it yourself.

Ken asks…

how much does insurance cost for a new driver?

i have become discouraged. my family lost my social security card when i was 2. and now i turned 16 and couldnt wait to get my permit and start driving so i could get a job and become independant. i live with my grandfather and he refuses to get my ssc and let me get my permit because hes too cheap to pay for my insurance for a couple of months. i told him if i have my permit and i can then drive myself in 6 months, i will be motivated to have a job and pay him back for what he payed on my insurance then continue to pay it. also is there any way i can get my ssc by myself?
im asking for some general amount. i dont need the exact dollar there mr scott, thinkin your pants are so smart. also i live with my grandparents, not my parents, so it makes things 6 times harder.

Administrator answers:

How about $140 for a general amount. Or $120. Or $160. Pick one einstein.

George asks…

As a new driver how much would insurance cost for me with Statefarm?

I just got my G2, and im gonna be driving a 97 golf, black, 4door. Im gonna be the secondary driver on it, and right now my Dad is paying $90 a month for it, as the primary driver…

I was just wondering how much it would cost for me to be the secondary driver on the car? Doesnt have to be exact, but a price range…

Like is it gonna be closer to $30-40 a month for me, or more like $70-100…

The car isnt fully covered, just one way so its cheaper. (just incase you need to take that into consideration)

Any help is appreciated.
Also forgot to mention that I finished drivers Ed, so i get whatever discount coems with it…they said 40%

Administrator answers:

There is no way to know based on the info you provided. There are other factors involved that you didn’t provide answers for. (Such as which state you reside in and where you live. The neighborhood is important too. Do you live in an area with high crime? Are you going to be an occasional driver or a regular driver? How many miles per week?)

In some states it would be only an extra $1000 per year, in other states it would be MUCH more.

Sandra asks…

i was wondering what are really good used cars for a new male driver?

i want a reliable car no more than 10,000 dollars , and i kinda want a car that would have low insurance even for a new driver or what ever and a car that girls will love to ride in , some thing that turns heads and is fast , now that i am going speed or anything but still i live to have that fast cool look , i like toyota celica gt , due to the new sporty look , but i also want something i can drift with i want to really impress grils with it , u know how it is in high school when getting a new car , and please tell me some reliable , i mean mustangs arn’t exactly cheap or reliable as far as i read and ford the company it self isnt exactly the best builder either.

Administrator answers:

So what you want is a supercar on a scooter budget that pulls chicks.
By something cheap and save up for the great car later. If you pull that rubbish at a dealership or used car lot they’ll see you comming a mile away an rip you off.
Get realistic with your hopes, expectations and budget.

Paul asks…

i have some questions about motorcycles?

about how much is motorcycle insurance for an 18/19 yr old new driver in Queens NY? is motorcycle insurance cheaper or expensiver than car insurance? i know that if i get a class D license, it will increase my parents insurance. will getting a class M not do this cuz i would not legally be allowed to drive their cars? do you know a good place close to or in NYC where i could buy inexpensive motorcycles (new or used) and lessons? thanx alot for the help

Administrator answers:

Bike insurance compared to car insurance is pretty cheap, but rates vary from company to company, and it also depends on if u have the full motorcycle endorsement, if u took and passed the msf basic riders course, and the type of bike.

If u dont already have a car driver license, and u just get a full motorcycle license (no permit), u cant legally drive dad’s car until u get a regular driver’s license.

Now u need to choose the type of bike. Sport, sport-touring, or cruiser. Sport-tourer’s is a bit of a hybrid; has the looks of a sport bike, but can give the comfort of a cruiser.
If a sport bike is ur choice, and u are a 100% rookie with zero miles on the saddle, 9 out of 10 rider’s will suggest getting a kawasaki ninja 250.
Cruisers, u could go with either metric or harley. The 883 and 1200 sportsters are mid-sized but are ‘small’ compared to other harley’s.
If u prefer a cruiser, and would rather get a harley, u wouldnt go wrong with getting either a sportster, or even a wide glide.

Its highly suggested u take the basic rider course. Before u hit the road. Some states will waive the on-cycle test requirement to get the full endorsement if u pass the brc.

Lisa asks…

new driver are old bmws good or whats good and hot?

i am a male and i cant seem to find my dream car ,, my budget is 5000$ because i am a new driver so dont want a car too expensive etcc, i was thinking of buying a old used bmw , i dont know much about these cars but they look nice so i want it some of the models i was looking at were like 93 BMW 320i , etc i dont want a car thats new because it might be too high on insurance so yeaah , if you guys got any help ful things to say go ahead and tell me which bmw would be best for me , i also like speed , and are these cars 4wd ? and i heard they are very reliable but i need ur input guys and will these cars last with me,,,, and 2 door or 4 door i dont actually care about it , i just want a old used bwm , that i can use as a daily driver , and how is the insurance on bmw ‘s for a new male driver and if its an older bwm shouldnt that be a bit cheaper and . despite whatever i know male insurance is high by default in the first place so help me out , and is a bmw a guys car or a chick car ?

Administrator answers:

For $5000 you can buy an E36 very easily. Don’t be afraid of high mileage as long as the car has been kept up to date on maintenance they will last forever. For $5000 you could even buy a nice E30 which will lower insurance even more.
The only BMWs with 4wd are the E30 325ix and the E46 325ix. Don’t worry though the handling isn’t affected and to tell you the truth there is a reason why most LeMans cars aren’t 4wd.
Your insurance shouldn’t be too high if it is an older BMW, just make sure the maintenance has been kept up. The parts are kinda expensive, but as they say you got to pay to play. I know of plenty of BMWs with well over 300k miles with the original motor and only the head gasket has been replaced along with the cooling system and other routine maintenance.
BMWs are cars and I really can’t tell you if it is a chicks car or a guys car because many people, male and female, drive them.
Check out and look through a lot of the stuff to find out answers to your questions it is a very good place to find well maintained BMWs for sale also.
Hope this helps.

Mary asks…

Non-Permissive Use Car insurance – will it cover my accident?

My boyfriend was driving my car to my apartment from the video store and I was in the passenger side. On a two lane street he was making a left into my aparment complex and started to turn but kids were in his way so he stopped. Meanwhile a car speeding from the other direction hit my car on the right front side. My airbags deployed and later I found out that it needs a new radiator, A/C, and a repaired frame. It’s a 2005 Toyota Corolla that I owe $6900 on.

My insurance company is Anchor General and they told me that it will probably not be covered because I didn’t have “Permissive-Use” on my vehicle. My boyfriend doesn’t live with me and he is not an excluded driver on my policy, I thought they were the only ones not covered. I am afraid because I had a bad driving record so I bought cheap insurance and now I’m afraid they won’t cover it because he was driving. The other car was a 1985 Chevy Caprice and only had a head light out and a bent hood in the middle – minimal damage. My car won’t even drive anymore. Most people think it’s my boyfriends fault because he should’ve backed up when he saw those kids and he was blocking the road. But the other guy was speeding down the street (25 mph) he had skid marks at least 12 feet long and by the time we heard him trying to stop my boyfriend didn’t have enough time to react. My boyfriend also has insurance for his truck and he called his insurance to see if they would cover it and they said no because it wasn’t his car. And if it gets name his fault then the other drivers policy won’t have to cover it. So I was just wondering if anyone had been in this situation and if there is any ideas of how I can be covered or any courses of action I should take if it turns out I’m not covered. I’m pretty sure my car is totaled and I don’t want to be out of a car and 6900 dollars…I don’t have gap but I am going to call my dealership just to make sure.

If you are an Insurance Adjuster or have faced this situation before I would be really glad to hear from you.

Thanks for all of your help.

Administrator answers:

What state are you in ? I’ve never heard of “non permissive use”. Normally, someone with a valid license and permission to drive an insured car is covered under that cars policy. I guess you will have to read the policy. If you can’t see where it says “non permissive use” then I would ask the insurance company to point it out to you,. If they won’t or can’t and still will not pay, and contact your insurance commissioner/and or get a lawyer

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