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Your Questions About Learner Driver Insurance

June 18, 2012

Helen asks…

Does anyone have any idea which insurance company is the cheapest for learner drivers?

(UK only please)

Administrator answers:

Try .. Good deals to be had in there!!! Good luck..

Sandra asks…

Does adding a second driver on my car insurance effect the second drivers own insurance?

I worked out that when i next renew my car insurance i can drop it by £300 if i add a second driver that’s older, if i added a second driver would this effect his own insurance for his car? also if i added the second driver could i add a third as a learner? thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

Yes it would.

Richard asks…

If a car owner is unable to drive because of a broken limb can they take a learner driver out?

I thought this invalidated their insurance?

Administrator answers:

Yes they can, provided they have the correct insurance, held a full unrestricted licence for three or more years and are 21yrs or over.

George asks…

Can someone with a learner’s permit driver with a licensed uninsured adult?

I am getting my license in PA and going to VA for a week immediately afterwords and will not have time to be put on my parents’ insurance until I return. If I borrow a car that is not my parents, will I be able to be a supervising driver for someone with a learner‘s permit?

Administrator answers:

You couldn’t pull that off in Calif. The car would be in-pounded and you ‘d have to walk home.

Steven asks…

have learner drivers always needed insurance?

Administrator answers:

Everyone that drives on the road has needed insurance for so many years that no one alive now was alive when people didn’t
Think about it pleeeaase A qualified driver has to have insurance so is it realistic that a learner, more likely to crash, would not need to have it.

Donald asks…

i am a learner driver?

i have fully comp insurance i am a learner driver with my own car but as i have fully comp insurance does this mean i can drive other peoples cars on L plates

Administrator answers:

Only if it says you can in the policy documents and schedule. It is most likely that the policy would normally allow that but it may well say that if the policyholder is under 25 then the other vehicle cover does not apply.
You need to read and understand YOUR policy, certificate and schedule fully to answer this. Not everyones insurance is the same so no one on here will be able to say for sure.

Ruth asks…

do I need car insurance once I get my driver’s license?

Can I just get my driver‘s license and not drive the vehicle? Because I know if you drive a car you need insurance, but what if I just have my license and am not driving anything? Also, I heard about this “family policy” that if I’m driving a parent’s car with my driver‘s license I’m covered under THEIR insurance? I am not talking about a learner‘s permit, I’m talking about an actual driver‘s license. I can get my license on December 4th. Thanks for your answers!

Administrator answers:

Technically if you live in someone house who has car insurance Car insurance has the right to request you be placed on the insurance since you have a license, but you can be listed as a non driver…but legally your parents have to put u in there policy, cause by chance u even drive the car and u get into an accident they can be held liable for the accident!

Paul asks…

Has anyone insured a 17yr old learner driver if so where?

Hi I want to insure my 17 yr old son 18 this year he is about to learn to drive on my car insurance, I rang my insurance they said they dont insure anyone under 25yrs it it due to run out in may so i will be going elsewhere any ideas where would insure someone of that age and how much did it cost many thanks

Administrator answers:

I think more than do. That’s who my brother is with…

You try a price comparison website though,

And type in that its for a 17/18 year old and they will find the company that will insure you. And him.

David asks…

cheapest car for a learner driver to insure?

my mums insurance wont insure anyone under 21 and my dads insurance want just under £3000, so i wondered which would be the cheapest car for a learner driver to insure?
thanks xxx

Administrator answers:

If there were such a car your insurance company would know. Ask them.

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