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Your Questions About Learner Driver Insurance

June 26, 2012

Mary asks…

What happens if you get into an accident with driver instructor?

What happens when you get into an accident with a driver instructor (and you’re a student)? Please don’t answer if you don’t know; people say that they have good insurance and nothing happens but read what I found below on an insurers website:

When a car accident involving a learner driver occurs, the instructor has a joint responsibility with the learner. Examiners are an exception, as their role is not to interfere or guide the learner driver, they are only present to observe

Clearly the people were wrong (who answered it before). Does anyone K
NOWLEDGABLE about the topic know?

I’m soo curious!

Administrator answers:

Most likely this simply goes back to the insurer of the VEHICLE involved in the collision.

Most likely you would be in a car owned by the driving school which is insured by the driving school.

The ticket or license points would be on you (presuming you were at fault). The repair cost for the car you were in would go to the car’s insurer. You can’t usually be held liable under your liability insurance for damages to property under your “care, custody, or control”. It only applies to other people and their property.

The website stuff you found above refers to liability claims which is damage to other people and their property. For those damages the instructor would seem to be at least partially at fault. State legislatures can pass what are called “strict liability” laws which are laws that dictate de-facto responsibility in that state for particular situations. For example your state can make you automatically liable for you dog biting someone. Your state may have done the same with driving instructors.

Maria asks…

Provisional driver – insurance – UK?

I fill all the criteria to be able to go out with a provisional driver but can’t find any information about the insurance side of it.

It’s the learner‘s own car – do I need to be put on her insurance? I’m assuming that I do incase I need to take control of the car and drive home for some reason, however she is a pretty competent driver now so it’s unlikely to be necessary.

Would I be right in saying I have to be on the insurance just incase, or not?

Administrator answers:

You do not need to be on the insurance unless you are going to be driving – that is all there is too it.
If you have fully comp cover for your own car then check the policy as you may already be covered to drive other cars not belonging to you as long as they are insured by their owner -check carefully though. If you are covered it will be third party only so enough to get the car home in an emergency.

James asks…

Can I get auto insurance in VA with just a learner’s permit?

I am a 25 y/o female with no previous driving history. I own my car but have a learner‘s and not a license yet. Can I get my own insurance policy? Also, I live with my parents who are licensed drivers. Am I required to list them on the policy?

Administrator answers:

You dont need insurance if you only have a learners permit in virginia

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